October 25, 1989

(Our Holy Mother, for the prayer group:)

My Peace is with you, ecclesia shall revive;

come, be pleasing to the Lord and offer yourselves daily to Him; allow Him to change you into devout children, into children of Light; change your lives by detaching yourselves from the worldly things, for, My little ones, you are only passing by in this world; I am constantly reminding you that your soul will live forever and I am repeatedly warning you to change your lives;

what does God want from you? and what is the perfect thing to do? God wants your daily abandonment, a full abandonment to model you into a perfect being; the perfect thing to do is to obey God’s Will by offering Him your will; seek Him, seek all that is Him; I beg you, do not listen to the demon’s whispers, elevate your soul by a constant prayer; I love you, children, and My Eyes do not leave you an instant alone;

learn to do good from Our Messages, let Our Messages nourish your poor soul and lead you back to Knowledge, let them lead you to the Holy Bible and to the Truth and the Life; I want to save you from the nets of the devil; I want to elevate your soul into a higher level of prayer;

tonight, My children, I shall intercede to the Father for all of you in a very special way; you should know that through His Goodness you can obtain many graces, you should know how infinitely rich He is in Grace; desire the Lord, be hungry for the Lord always; unload all your worries, offering them to Him, trust Him;

enlarge His Kingdom with your love to Him and to your brethren; repay evil with love, let love be the principle of your life, let love be your root; be aware of your thoughts, do not judge each other, for your ways are NOT as the Lord’s; endeavour to please the Lord by being humble without any judgment for others; God’s Love is revealed even to the least of you all;

go in peace, beloved ones, enter your homes without leaving Us behind, take Us with you; learn to feel Our Holy Presence; learn to say, “we” instead of “I”, “us” instead of “me”; I bless you all; be one, like the Lord desires it; do not be divided, for in Heaven you are one;

be in Peace and live in Peace;