October 23, 1989


I am; never doubt; how I love you! this little faith you give Me is like a bunch of flowers offered to Me daily by you; I receive it in this way, 1 My little one, refuse Me nothing; be slow to anger just like Me your God; be quick only to do good, be faithful to Me; beloved of My Soul, you who willed to offer Me your will, your soul and your heart, fear not for you are in your Father’s Hands and what more wonderful than being linked together? refuse Me nothing, efface yourself entirely so that I may be seen completely, stay small so that My Power occupies every part of you; die to your “self” daily and be nothing so that I may be everything;

believe in Me with a child-like-faith so that I may glory in this way and use you when I please; all I ask from you is love, love, love; all that you do in My Name with love, glorifies Me and purifies you; evangelise with love for Love; enter into My Sacred Heart daily and allow Me to rest in yours; be in Peace for I am Peace; I promise you that I shall offer you daily My Bread; I, Jesus, love you and count every minute now to bring your soul to Me; 2 I, the Lord, bless you;

I bless You too, my Lord and Redeemer.

1 Jesus means when I come daily to Him and let Him use my hand.
2 Here Jesus means, in Heaven.