February 17, 1989

(Today is our group meeting for prayers, reading Scriptures and the Messages.)


I am; beloved, follow My program; I am with you all the time;
come, we will work together; we, us;

February 20, 1989

(Message given for the reunion.)

I am the Lord, your God; I am Sovereign and above all; I am He who created you; I am God unrivalled; I am the Holy of Holies; countless angels of each order fall prostrate in My Presence worshipping Me without ceasing; to whom can you compare Me to? All Heaven praises My Splendour all day long; I am enthroned on the cherubs, I am robed in Majesty and Power; I am the Word, the True Light;

yet, in all My Sovereignty, in all My Majesty, I, out of great pity, descend and bend to reach you; I come to you, a nation so highly favoured, to you, beloved ones, I come; before you I stand, barefoot and like a beggar, My Hand outstretched to you I hold; I beg you for Love, Peace and Unity; will you hear My Cry?

I am Wounded beyond recognition, My Wounds are constantly multiplied by perjuries, iniquity and a great attraction to sin; for how long will My creation continue to be godless and evil? I am asking those who defy My Commandments: “what will you do on the Day of Punishment? to whom will you run for help? where will you leave your riches?” 1

out of My Infinite Mercy, and My great pity, I have filled the skies with portents; without ceasing, I am pouring My Spirit on all mankind; I am giving visions to your young ones, I am showering you with Signs and Graces, see? I have opened My Heavenly Stores for this hungry generation, you will eat to your heart’s content, you will eat to your fill;

Scriptures are being fulfilled; I am giving you the Signs of the End of Times, yet, so many of My Own refuse to recognise these Signs … how is it you cannot tell the Times?

but now, although most of My children have turned their backs to Me, although they have abandoned Me, I, with everlasting love will without ever wearying, I will pursue them; I shall never fail, calling each one repeatedly, come back to Me with all your heart, fast and repent, open your hearts to Me and I shall heal you, turn to Me, your Father; and, as tenderly as a father treating his children, I will treat those that repent and come back to Me, for I am most Tender with the weak and most Compassionate to the wretched ones; I am full of Pity and rich in Graciousness;

O beloved souls, hear My Cry from above: “fill up your hearts from My Divine Love”; fill up your hearts and learn to forgive each other, do not judge each other! by forgiving each other, you will begin to enter in the Path of Unity, by not judging your neighbour, you will be called, Truly Mine; let Me your God rejoice in you, My lambs;

I am offering you My Peace, take My Peace and share It with others, take My Love and let It encircle you like garlands of flowers; children of My Heart, how I dread in telling you this, yet I must keep you in the Truth; in spite of My supplications to you, in spite of all My warnings, many will continue sinning, they are heading for the ruin of their soul;

you are living in a rebellious era and it had been said, that in your days, “these people will scorn at religion, and will make fun of the Promise; these people, hardened at heart will refuse to hear;” you are living in the last days before the Purification Day; be aware, day and night, never cease praying; I am solemnly telling you that the Days of Purification are at hand;

I love you all with an everlasting love and because of this Infinite Love I descend in several parts of this earth to warn you; do not misunderstand Me, taking these warnings as menaces; I am Holy and I desire you who are fashioned to My Image, to live Holy; I have, since the beginning of Times, raised up saints and prophets, to remind you that I am Holy; I have prepared you all for this Day, this Day of My Purification, where My Spirit of Fire will be thrust upon you and clean all wickedness away; It will clean all that is unholy; be prepared for this Day and hear My Cry, hear My plea;

let the wise man understand these Words: come back to Me, return, I am your Refuge; recognise the Signs, recognise those Signs of the End of Times! do not close your ears, do not shut your eyes, recognise the Times … remember that I, the Lord, am your Refuge; beloved souls, be steadfast;

I bless each one of you, I bless your beloved ones;