February 15, 1989

My Vassula, never get discouraged, for before you I stand, and to whom can you compare Me to? I am the Beginning and the End, the Eternal One, for I Am, I was, and will be for ever and ever; My Word will be known all round this vault; those that kick upon My Word will find themselves kicking against a goad;

in every corner of the world will arise many more persecutors, they will, like enormous blocks of granite, form a fence to block My Way for all humanity; from the beginning I knew them to be heartless, filled up with boast and treachery, a devastating wilderness; their armies will rise up all in vain; with one single blow of My Breath, I shall overpower them, sweeping them away; I am the Lord, your Holy One, and I am known to have overthrown kings and kingdoms, so that My Word be known; I have, with My Power, toppled thrones and brought to shame those that call themselves, “authority”, and so will it be this time; I shall strip them naked for every eye to see, I deferred My anger long enough; today, I, the Lord, solemnly request them to come down from their thrones and repent!

My Spirit will keep pouring on mankind and no man, no matter how hard they try to suppress It, no man will succeed to crush It; woe to those who tread upon My Spirit! unfaithful and hypocrites will be wiped away with My Breath; if they only knew, how I hold back My Justice from falling on them, they would never cease praying and repenting; if they only knew what I am offering and Who it is that is saying to them all: “Unite! unite! be one now, as the Father and I are One and the Same!” but they would not listen, for they have not understood; I have warned them, but they have neither listened nor believed;

I tell you most solemnly that the hour is at hand, ever so imminent, the time of reckoning is now here; no man now can say that I have not been warning you for this Hour; even the dead have stirred up upon hearing My Cry … even them1

I, the Lord, am raising the dead among you; yes! I shall raise each one of these corpses, 2 since My Cry was heard by them; I shall make out of these corpses living columns of Light; I shall place some as the sturdy pillars of My Church, and to each one of these I shall place in their right hand My Scroll and in their left hand My Lamp to be their guide; I shall give them a disciple’s tongue and I shall have them minister before you; I shall have all the nations see their integrity and they will proclaim the Truth to the ends of the earth;

and I promise you, that as the earth makes fresh things grow, as a garden makes seeds spring up, so will I, the Lord, regenerate those corpses and out of My Own Mouth, I shall confer on them My New Name;

come, be with Me, child, stay in your Father’s arms; we, us?

Forever and Ever, Lord.

sign My Name;



Lord, there are so many people now who wish to receive from you ‘personal’ messages. Some of their questions are very worldly. Some of them take me as an ‘information desk’ to Heaven.

Vassula, I have given, to most of them, My answers; they are to be found in the Holy Scriptures and also in this Message;

Lord, allow me nevertheless to mention their names to you.

feel free;

(I did.)

betrothed, I will not answer to questions not worthy of My Holiness; I will call the humble, I will raise the dead, I will encourage the weak, I will pursue the sinner; countless times I shall call the godless; these, from now on, these will be the private messages as you call them; never weary of writing; be prudent as now, always come and consult Me first;

Lord, sometimes without anyone asking for a private message, You just give one like this.

I will choose and decide; I shall guide you, whispering in your ear all that I want to say;

come, us, we;

1 God’s voice was very sad.

2 The newly converted.