February 26, 1989


I am; have My Peace; I have been teaching you now for more than three years, have I not?

Yes, Lord, You have.

have confidence then, I shall not abandon you now; My bonds are Eternal Bonds, you are linked to Me, I and you, you and I, forever in union of Love; O yes! 1 desire Me, you are under My Grace; desire Me, your God; desire Me, your Father; let Me feel that you do not belong to the world; please Me, flower, and turn to Me seeking My Light; be thirsty for Me, just like a flower which needs a keeper to maintain its beauty; need Me, need My Light, need My Springs; grow, beloved one, grow in your faith;

come, I shall whisper in your ear, the part from Scriptures, that you will read in the next meeting; lean on Me and I will support you; remember, you are nothing, allow Me in your nothingness to be Everything; I will always check your lamp’s oil, I will never leave it dry; I will keep your flame lit, I will never leave you in obscurity; My Guidance will be in Peace, so I want you to never take Me out of your sight;


I am;

Can I ask You something?

feel free and ask;

Lord, You have risen me from the dead, have You not?

I have resurrected you;

Lord and Saviour,
You are feeding me in great abundance,
You are watching over me day and night
lest evil may befall me,
You lift me to You when I am about to be trampled by my persecutors,
You are my Keeper, Guide, Teacher, Spouse, Holy Companion,
You are God most Tender;
allow me to ask You, Lord, this:
You have poured on me Your Spirit,
will You not pour out Your Spirit on my brethren too?
You have sought me among the dead and have risen me,
will You not raise the rest of the dead?

My Vassula, I shall raise the dead; already I am around those corpses, for they shall see around them something never told and they shall witness something never heard before; those that have never been told of My Beauty, will see Me, the Light, and those who have never heard of My Love will understand and will be converted; they will be the new vessels of My Word, to bring your youth back to Me; yes, it will be foreigners who will rebuild My Church; they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise what is now lain waste, they will restore all that now is lying in ruin; have you not noticed?

They are only so few compared to the devastating ruins of Your Church, Lord.

I will multiply them, just wait and see; Love will return as Love; I am with you always; come now, rest in Me, we, us?


1 I suddenly had a nostalgia for my Heavenly Father, a nostalgia to be with Him, nearer; I felt like an orphan, a widow, it is very painful this desire of God.