December 16, 1988


I am; here is My Message for the reunion of today;

I will ask My flowers this: flowers of Mine, I will ask you all to learn how to pray; when you pray, pray from your heart, I need prayers that come from your heart and not from your lips; do not pray quickly, recollect yourselves and pray slower, looking at Me; I am Present, let your prayers reach Me;

learn to be in constant prayer; by this, I do not mean to have you on your knees endless hours, no; but just in remembering My Presence, you will be in constant prayer; your minds will be lifted towards Me; all that you say, or do, or think will be for Me; I need devotion and fidelity; love Me without measure and desire Me;

I am your Saviour and Consoler, so come to Me without hesitating; I will console you all; I will give you hope, so do not diminish your prayers and sacrifices, increase them by being in constant prayer; I, the Lord, will end My Message by giving you a motto for 1989:

“Live holy and repay evil with love;
love one another, like I love you;”

I am Peace and Love and I bless you all;