November 16, 1988

(Since yesterday Satan is attacking me ferociously. Jesus had warned me. Satan knows my weak points and he goes for these points. My weakest point is my insecurity for this revelation, mainly because of who I am. I’m not angelical nor holy, I blunder a lot and really know nothing. Then, I sometimes feel that Jesus is not adding any extraordinary supernatural signs, like with other mystics. So Satan attacks me there and nourishes those weak points for his convenience, tormenting me.)

Vassula, it is I, the Lord; every time you doubt, I plunge into a deep sadness, My Heart hurts; … are you willing to continue My Work?

Say, “Glory be to God and Blessed be Our Lord”. 1

Glory be to God, Blessed be Our Lord!

Vassula!2 ….. Vassula, My child, do not get deceived by Satan; he is fighting you with suggestion, he is fighting My Plan; every time your foot goes a step up, he rages with fury; I am beside you, little one, to warn you;

Vassula, My signs are limited this time for this revelation; I get more glorified giving it in this way, I have explained to you why; I want that Faith comes first, without having too many extraordinary signs within this revelation; I want it simple; I have told you that the only sign I will give is you yourself and your fruits, which are mainly the conversions; I know how faith is missing in your era, that is why you will be persecuted, but, was I not persecuted, too? I was disbelieved in spite of My Fruits;

I am giving you many graces, Vassula, although you merit none; I have servants who merit so much more than you, yet I am limiting them with graces; I am not judging you, I am only reminding you; all I ask from you is love; love Me your God with all your soul and with all your mind for I have created you to love Me, to love me with a special love, deep, fathomless;

I have opened My Gates in Heaven and allowed you in; I welcomed you in My Hall, where only the Elect are to be found; I have told my Elect of My Plan of Salvation; it is out of My Boundless Mercy, I have been preparing It, in secret; I announced it in My Hall to Them; I told Them that I had My Eyes set on you, I said that I would choose the least of all My creatures, the weakest and the most wretched of all eternity, so as to show My Great Mercy and My Authority; I have descended all the way down to you, to seek you among the dead and raise you, lifting you to Me, for this was My Will;

I then laid a table for you, and I, Myself, placed My food into your mouth, with My Hand; how I, your God, love you!! I love you to jealousy! I then anointed you with My oil and made you Mine; I espoused you to Me and I became your Master; I covered you with graces and I enriched you with My jewels; have I not given you My Cross, My Nails and My Thorned Crown? what more valuable treasure can a Spouse offer to His beloved?

I, who am the Spirit of Love, have taught you how to love Me and how to grow in this love; I have shown you around to My angels; I share with you all that I have; you live in My House, you live in My Sacred Heart, blessed by My own Hand, hallowed by My Grace;

try and understand why Satan is hounding you; he is after My Plan to destroy It; if you only knew what a battle is going on! but the earth feels these vibrations from this battle; so beware of him and do not let him deceive you!

How could I do anything unless you help me! Please do not allow him! Please, bar him away!

if you knew how I am protecting you … here, have a look at this;

(I saw myself standing and around me was formed a circle of angels, holding their hands to bar out a passage.)

Satan is not allowed to lay a finger on you, 3 this I promise you; I, from My part, will never abandon you, nor will I neglect you; with Me you will lack nothing; My Peace I have given you and I have shown you My love of predilection I have for small souls; I have shown to you My Sacred Heart;

so My Vassula, you are made to love Me immeasurably and delight My Soul; you are to desire Me always, you are to obey Me, pleasing Me; you are to appease My anger, you are to console and rest Me; you are to adore Me, you are to hope in Me, you are to believe in Me fully and blindly; these are the principles of My Heart;

honour Me, by being my Reflection, and glorify Me by accepting everything I am giving you; flower, live only for My interests and My Glory, accept always with joy all that I give you;

Yes, My Lord. I’m trying.

I am Present at all times; remember, if I had not come to rescue you, would you have been now desiring Me and Me only?

No, Lord.

I have taught you what True Life in Me means; pray often, pray daily the Holy Rosary, for this little chain shall be The Chain in which Satan will be chained and conquered! I give you My Peace, never doubt; we, us?

Forever, amen.

(I think that when Scripture says that Satan will be chained (Rv. 20:2), I think it will be when all humanity will recite the Holy Rosary, the whole globe. When this day comes, Satan will be conquered and crushed, by “the chain” of the Rosary.)

1 I was suspicious.
2 Jesus’ voice was so very soft and tender. I melted.
3 Causing illness or death to me.