May 17, 1987

come, find Me where I have told you;

O Gethsemane! what have you to unfold but fears, anguishes, betrayals and abandonments! Gethsemane you have depleted men from courage, you have suspended in your still air My agonies for all eternity;

Gethsemane, what have you to declare that was undeclared? you have witnessed in the stillness of Holiness, the betrayal of your God, you have witnessed Me;

the hour had come, Scriptures were to be fulfilled;

daughter, I know that many souls believe in Me as though I was but a myth; they believe that I existed only in the past; for many I am but a passing shadow now eclipsed with time and evolution; very few realise that I existed in flesh on earth and exist now among you;

I Am All what came to pass and is to pass; I know their fears, I know their anguishes, I know their weaknesses, have I not witnessed all these frailties in Gethsemane?

daughter, when Love prayed in Gethsemane, a thousand devils were shaken, fearing demons took flight; the hour had come: Love was glorifying Love;

O Gethsemane, witness of the Betrayed, witness of the Forlorned, arise, witness and testify; daughter, Judas betrayed Me, but how many more like Judas are betraying Me still; I knew instantly that his kiss would spread among many and for generations to come; this same kiss will be given to Me over and over again, renewing My sorrow, rending My Heart;

Vassula, come let Me be consoled, let Me rest in your heart;


Vassula, will you write?

Yes, Jesus, if it’s what You wish.

love Me, daughter, in My torments of Gethsemane; I was deceived by one of My own, one of My beloved ones; and today, I still receive indignities, recollecting My agonies of the past; My Heart swelled and filled with bitterness;

(I had problems and I lacked confidence to continue suddenly.)


I am;

little one, write; My sweat of agony poured out of Me like big drops of blood;

(I suddenly thought of the time I was almost tempted by the evil spirit … and felt ashamed.)

weakness attracts Me, for I can give you My Strength, come bring Me your love, lean on Me,

(l leaned.)


(Jesus was glad.)

here, eat from Me, fill your heart from My Heart; love Me, think of Me, be Mine, entirely Mine; adore Me and Me only; I am calling you to receive Me, yes, in the little white Host … come and drink Me; purify! I love you and I will see that you receive Me, do not deny Me ever! desire Me and Me only;

I will be waiting for you at the Tabernacle; you will see Me, like I have taught you, with the eyes of your soul;

Jesus, it’s my fault to have interrupted You. Do you wish to continue?

I do; hear Me, the soil absorbed those drops but today the soil dryer than ever needs irrigation, it desires peace and is thirsty for love;

(Suddenly Jesus stopped.)

grieve Me not, but will you pray again with Me? love Me Vassula; come,

“O Father,
fulfil what must be fulfilled;
may Your words penetrate, bless and purify
the hearts of Your children;
Father, do as Your Heart desires
and may Your will be done,

are you willing to continue working for Me?

I will continue working for God if it’s His Will to do so.

it is My Will;

Then I will continue working. Do not forget my incapacity though!

lean entirely on Me, your Jesus; I know how helpless you are; I wanted to have but a mere child who would have to depend entirely on Me;


I am;

Is Your message of Gethsemane finished?

no; I will continue; My children have to be revived and shown that I am among them; with My Message, which I blessed, they would see Me and feel Me; many will return to Me, I, who long for My beloved ones;

Jesus, how can I do anything?

Vassula; will a father not help his child cross the road when it needs his help? so I will help you till the end;

I don’t know if I am doing right by distributing Your message, am I doing wrong?

no, you are giving My Bread as I gave It to you; My Bread must be given freely!


(I read St. Michael’s prayer.)

read the next one;

(I read The Memorare of St. Bernard (St Mary) being worried about something: when My friends read the messages and start thinking again of God, some returning to God and some being happy with hope unfortunately sometimes what happens in their delight is that they would talk about it to a priest friend, and he would warn them not to believe it’s God. In fact, I realised myself that out of the four priests here knowing the writings, two discouraged me and two encouraged me. I would have liked though that those that discouraged me and discourage others, I would have liked them to decide after having read from A – Z. Then if they still thought it nothing they should tell me why and explain it. How could one give an opinion without following it and discussing with me not more than once!)

fill up your heart with God’s Flame; I love you;

Beloved Mother, I fear that God’s message might be trampled by people who are not even following it up or reading it!

fear not, child,

I’m distressed!

I know, will you acknowledge, Vassula, the Works of Jesus?

I do …

Vassula, I have prayed for you, agapi mou, 1 be patient; lean on Jesus;

(I prayed to Jesus.)

lean on Me,

I’m fearing for Your message to be crushed, by those who have not read it even.

do not fear, love Me; to purify your soul glorifies Me, come, let us go; remember, us, we … grieve not;

(Jesus led me yesterday to Sunday Mass. I can’t follow the Mass properly, as all the rest, since I’ve never been taught the songs and procedure. I’m always one step behind the others, but I know Jesus is there and is talking to me. The bread felt consoling.)

1 Editor’s note: ‘Agapi mou’ means ‘My beloved’ in Greek.