May 18, 1987

(I’ve been at 6.30 to Holy Communion as Jesus asked me. In the middle of it Jesus started talking to me. I received the Bread and in my mouth it felt like a lacerated piece of flesh1 which had been ripped off from scourging. Funny how I felt it yesterday different; and today different. It seemed like Jesus was giving me different impressions.)


I am;

love Me, come close to Me; I will give you different impressions every time you receive Me; Vassula, I grieve when you are distant to Me;

(It’s true. Sometimes when ‘the wave’ of doubt covers me, I refuse to talk to Him or see Him, saying to myself that it’s not Him, and I avoid His image, avoid talking with Him, avoid all what He’s taught me. I’m trying to convince myself that my imagination played tricks.)

you are grieving Me, beloved; you are offending Me when you block Me out and seem so far away; understand that the devil is behind all this; he is desperate and wants you to believe that you are only imagining all the graces I have given you; he wants you to forget all My Heavenly teachings; he wants to drag you back to him;

when you seem so far from Me, I fear, I fear for you; when a shepherd sees one from his flock wander away would he just sit? a good shepherd would rush to it, pick it up and bring it back;

when I see you wandering away, I will not wait; I will rush to you and fetch you; I will draw you closer to Me; little one, I will cover you with my cloak when you are cold; I will feed you, lift you close to my Heart when distressed; what will I not do for you;


I am;

Why all these graces for me? Why?

let Me free to give to whom I please;

But I don’t want to be different from others!

Vassula, you will be receiving Me, let Me use you; have I not told you that I will liberate you?

I don’t understand.

I wish to liberate many souls from their chains, chains of evil; I am using you as an instrument; do not misunderstand My Works; My appeal is not for you only; My appeal of Peace and Love is for all humanity!

Yes Lord, but I feel a bit uncomfortable when friends know about this. I mean I feel uncomfortable when some of them look and say, “You are privileged.” I feel awful.

feel awful, daughter, for being chosen because of your wretchedness; I have not chosen you because of your merits; I have told you already before, that your merits are none and what comes out of the Lord’s mouth is but the Truth; come often and repent to Me; remember I do not favour you more than the rest of My children;

I know, Jesus. I know that’s why I feel embarrassed for You giving me this grace, to call You anytime I wish.

Vassula, Vassula, I give even to the most wretched; let your friends see how My Heart is an abyss of Mercy and Forgiveness; let them see how I raise even the dead; let them see how I love even those that denied Me;


I am, beloved;

I don’t know what to say.

say that you love Me;

I love You and You know it.

I love you, daughter; yes, in spite of your wretchedness; remember, talk to Me; I am your Spouse; share with Me, smile at Me when you see Me;

Yes, Jesus. I feel that my very presence offends You. And I know I’m repeating myself. How can you stand me …

I love you;

I love You too.

feel Me; look into My eyes; 2 yes, remember, daughter, that I am your Holy Father; let us go now;

1 Jesus was showing me that Holy Communion was not just plain bread that we are taking, but that indeed it is Christ’s Body we receive.
2 I looked at Him; His Eyes were grave but FULL of love…