June 4, 1988


I am; I shall never fail you; I will instruct you further on the Confusion in My Church; endeavour to hear Me, and please Me by praying the Holy Rosary; feel the Mysteries, see them through your Holy Mother’s Eyes; these Mysteries that your era tries to rationalise; daughter, they still have not understood that I want them as children, innocent, with a child-like-faith;

My Church, I imbued in Richness and Glory, to feed many souls, entire nations; rich in its Mysteries, these Mysteries which many of you do not accept as Mysteries; My people today lack humility, simplicity, they lack pureness of Faith, your era today is trying to rationalise everything, even My Mysteries!! 1 How can they believe they can unveil Me, their God? they try to describe My Mysteries rationally;

these, daughter, are those ‘crows’ I have been telling you in the parable I have given you about the Sower and the Crows; 2 these crows, having lost their faith, endeavour to set up their own theories to meet with their own human intelligence, trying to please the media; but, in truth, it is because of their own loss of faith in Me; My Mysteries should remain unalterable leaving them in their purity; these ‘crows’ have propounded ERRORS into My Church, corrupting the Truth, and My Word, this rich harvest of My parable; My Word and My Mysteries should remain irrevocable;

My Church today lies in obscurity and confusion; this is the heresy that penetrated into My Sanctuary, inducing errors upon many of My priests; the Spirit is calling and telling to all churches: refute falsehood, correct error, call to obedience, but do all with patience and with intention of teaching, 3 the time has come; far from being content with sound teaching, 4 people are avid for the latest novelty and collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes, and instead of listening to the Truth, they turn to myths; 5 tell Me, Vassula, can the Gospel be taken apart and separated?

No, Lord, it is impossible.

take this as an example for My Body too; My Body too cannot be separated; yet, they have separated It … rebellion penetrated into the very heart of My Church, first an interior rebellion sank into some of My priest’s souls, bishops and cardinals, infused by Satan, obscuring them; shadowed under Satan’s wings, they fell into his traps; this rebellion is now among them, lacerating My Sacred Heart;

in the beginning these sacerdotals, having absorbed the Rebellion Seed from Satan, brooded over this seed, brewing evil designs, scheming; they brewed Opposition, contradicting the successor of Peter, this Peter-of-My-lambs selected by Me; this Rebellion Seed now fully grown gave them the force to openly declare their rebellion, to split again, throwing venomous arrows on My Church …. they betrayed6 Me … they betrayed this Heart-full-of-Love, just like Juda in Gethsemane … they are dragging Me to be scourged … they are scourging Me, O Vassula, how I suffer …

O Lord, no!

(I could see Our Lord, in an interior vision, being scourged, tied to a column, and with every scourge that tore His Body, He shook, panting and breathless. His Body was one big wound.)

Oh Lord when will they ever stop?

they are not stopping, they are savagely scourging Me, drunk with Vanity and Disobedience, they are obeying and are loyal only to My foe! they are ruining My Foundation, they are dispersing My sheep, they are treading on Peter’s feet pushing him aside, they are trying to silence him…

Cain never understood My Abel; oh Abel … I will not forsake you; your God is near you; your God is coming with a legion of angels to defend you and tread on My foe who is your foe; I am preparing My angels, and Cain will not strike you; he will have to raise his hand against Me, his God; I, the Lord, will surprise him;

My Church will be united by My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Holy Mother; as both Our Hearts are united so will My Church be united; My Church will be One;

1 God seemed amazed! (by our stupidity).

4 Jesus asked me to open the Holy Bible and write this passage.

6 When Jesus said “betrayed Me”, He said it very hurt.