May 16, 1988


I am; come, keep My teachings in your mind; I am your Divine Teacher dictating to you; Vassula, in less than two years I have taught you many of My Divine Works, ever so mysterious to men and for their ability to fathom them; you see, My child, these Divine Works are beyond human understanding; many souls do not respond to My Works for these souls seldom want to change;

Lord? What do You mean by ‘change’?

these souls are attached to the world, to what is material; even though they call themselves spiritual, 1 they are not since they cling on what they see with their physical eyes and touch with their body; they are stubborn, living aridly; their heart will not open to let My Divinity pour into them; 2 yes, there are many factors that obstruct them from dwelling in My Light; I have said and will repeat again and again these very important words: “anyone who does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter it”; be innocent, believe in a child-like-faith, then My Divine Light will encompass you and you, like a flower, will face the sun and open, allowing My Light to pour in you; understand, My beloved children, that I am with you always; 3 I love you inexhaustibly;

Jesus, will You remain teaching us?

all that I have to say will be written; I am always near you, loving you, teaching you; let those that have ears, listen: it is I, Jesus, your Lord, manifesting Myself through this instrument; I have never abandoned you;

(Jesus looked at me.)

Vassula, I will teach you to progress;

(Later on:)


I am; pray for all those souls who have not yet understood the Holy Bible and who misinterpret so many parts of It; cutting out entire parts which could enlighten you, eradicating rich factors that could illumine you; listen and try to understand:

“there once was a sower who prepared an enormous field; he chose the finest grain to sow and produce the best wheat! now, when the harvest was ready to be reaped, and what a rich harvest it was, his enemy sent out a bunch of crows to fly over his field; this field, toiled and prepared with so much love and sacrifice, a ready and rich harvest able to feed the entire country, leaving no one hungry; but, these crows which were sent by his enemy, started to pick up here and there from the harvest, devouring and ravaging as much as possible; if it was not for the sower seeing all this and sending out his servants to chase away those crows they would have devastated the entire harvest;”

Lord, will You now explain, please?

come, the sower is I, the Lord, the harvest is My Word, 4 the enemy is Satan; the crows are those souls influenced by Satan, through many years, now and again to eat up the important elements from My Words; but, I, Jesus Christ, the Lord, will manifest Myself time and again to bring back to you those missing elements; I will embellish and repair My Church;

I love you, creation; My entire Church will be renewed; these elements given back to you will embellish It and will perfect It, but first I will crown Peter, Peter-of-My-Lambs; I have given him this name which he will keep;

I will enter My Temple just as I had done whilst on earth and with My Belt-of-Integrity strike all those impostors; I will enter with force and overthrow all the money-worshippers;

I will enter Jerusalem so that the New Jerusalem can begin to see the Light; I will sweep away those blocks and open the Way; this, My Vassula, will be known as the Great Tribulation of My Church;

I will then place into Peter’s hand an iron sceptre with which he will guard My sheep; as for those who do not know and still ask themselves “why is it that we have to have a guide?” I tell you this: have you ever seen or known of any flock of sheep without a shepherd?

I am your Heavenly Shepherd and I have chosen Peter to keep My lambs until My Return; I have given him the responsibility, so why all these disputes, why all these futile arguments?

and for all those who still do not know My Words, I tell you to read them in the Scriptures, they are to be found in the testimony of John, My disciple; 5 I will then unite My Church and encircle you with My Arms into one fold; for today as it is you are all scattered developing too many communities, split sections; My Body you have torn apart and this CANNOT BE!6 I will unite you all;

(Jesus here means to unite the Roman Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, but also other churches apart from these, even sects. The Lord will call us under Peter, or, Peter will come to us. (A unity in the heart.))

then I and Peter will work together; I will show him My hidden elements, I will show him many of My Mysteries to enable him to teach them to My children and under this teaching you will see a new heaven and a new earth; I, the Lord, will renew the walls of My Sanctuary;

ah Vassula! there is so much to be repaired! allow Me to use you;

Yes Lord, please give me the necessary strength. Amen

let My Finger be on your heart to keep My Altar ablaze; I, God, love you in spite of your absolute nothingness; I will give you the strength you need to be able to accomplish your mission, this mission I have sent you for; do not get discouraged, be patient; soon you will return home to Me, to Us; 7 receive Our Peace; pray for the renewal which My Church will undergo; I, the Lord, love you all; we, us!

Yes, Lord, forever.


1 1 Co. 2:14: “An unspiritual person is one who does not accept anything of the Spirit of God: he sees it all as nonsense…” (Anybody who denies God’s supernatural works of Mercy cannot be spiritual.)

2 The sacerdotal souls, like the Bishops of Garabandal and Medjugorje, who declared war on our Holy Mother’s apparitions.

3 We should not be surprised at supernatural approaches. They are not fairy tales.

4 The Holy Bible.

6 Jesus was definite here.

7 St. Mary was also with Jesus, reminding me of the vision I had when I was only 10 years old.