March 8, 1988

Peter! I am at your very doors now; Glorify My Body; I will unite My lambs, even those which are not of this fold; I am calling, and they will recognise the Shepherd’s Voice; the hours are fleeing and My Return is now very near; Love will come back to you as Love and My Kingdom on earth will be as it is in Heaven; for Justice, Love and Peace will pour from Heaven upon you, creation!

Vassula, since you know now how much you depend on Me your God, will you be praying more? I love your simple words, say to Me,

“I love You Lord,
I breathe for You, I smile for You,
I hope in You, I believe in You,
You are my joy, my bounce, my peace;”

yes, tell them to Me, your Holy Companion, share your days with Me; how I wish My children to realise My close Presence; I am by their side ever so present, anywhere, anytime; if they only realised this, they would fall less, they would sin less; tell them, I wish them to be intimate with Me; come, I love you, love your Teacher too;

1 and into My House you will assemble the great, disarming them, and out of My Mouth you will speak, crowning your God with wreaths of Love and Peace, replacing My thorned Crown; and I, the Lord, will pour from My Celestial Hall on My creation, Integrity, Love and Peace;

little child, receive from your God, Peace; I led you, My Vassula, I formed you and now you are to proceed with Me, your hand clasped into My Hand, into My Bleeding Body; follow Me and remember, neither look left nor right, walk straight to achieve your task;

do not fear, I will embellish your soul to enable you to cast out and disarm My foes; I, the Lord, am among you all, at your very doors I Am! I have with Me three Crowns, a Crown of Peace, a Crown of Love and a Crown of Justice;

1 There was a pause here, then Jesus gave a prophecy.