March 9, 1988

Lord, have You heard? Pater Vassili has changed. Now he says that all this is from the devil. He also says that You only go to souls with a mature faith in You and not to the unworthy.

My child, here is one more who has to learn to believe in My Infinite Mercy and My Infinite Wealth; write My message for him;

why are you treading on My flower? have I not given you eyes to see and ears to hear? do you not perceive? I am the Lord Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God; it is I, it is I who stunts the tall trees and it is I who lets the low ones grow; cherish My Works of today, believe in My Providential Works; I have given you My child to enlighten you with My Works; I, the Lord, am Infinite Wealth; fear not, how could I see My lambs dispersed? I have come to find them and feed them, I have come to embellish My Garden, I have come to irrigate this Wilderness; do not tread on My flower, come to Me and repent; do not listen to Satan’s voice; I love you boundlessly and for this reason I have come to unite you all, creation! walk with Me your God, do not remove nor kick on My bricks which repair My House, this House which today is in ruin; never doubt that it is I, the Lord!

Vassula lean on Me, be near Me, let My Hand clasp your hand; I, the Lord, love you; we, us?

Yes, Lord Jesus.

come then;