March 7, 1988

(I asked God to lift my veil for just one moment. I looked, standing in front of all the Revelation. Suddenly I was struck by its size and the work inside those pages, pages which I could have never done alone, in such a short time. A strange feeling came inside me, a feeling like a shock! It was like I started to realise everything deeper. I feel very shaken.)

Jesus, have we really worked together?

Vassula, yes, we have worked together! 1 will you kiss Me now?

(I got up all shaken, stumbled towards the Holy Shroud portrait and kissed Jesus.)

see? see how you feel when I lift just a little bit the veil I placed on your eyes? come, never doubt of My Providential Works, they are all for restoring My House, and assembling My lambs; they are for watering My flower-beds; come, I, the Lord, will remind you always My Presence;

Vassula, we us?

O Yes, Lord, we, us.


1 Shocked, I was shaking, weeping.