October 23, 1987

(This morning I was wondering how Jesus must have felt when the Pharisees never believed Him and how difficult it must have been for Him to convince them that He was actually the Son of God. How misunderstood He was by them. It was beyond men’s capacity to comprehend that it was possible at their time; they simply would not understand or accept such a miracle.)

and how many now understand or believe fully in My Message?

Quite a few do, more than those who do not.

tell Me, which number is greater of those who listen, believe and understand fully My Message, My sheep or My lambs?

(Here sheep represents the sacerdotals, and lambs represents the laity.)

who are more willing to hear?

I find that Your lambs are more willing, by experience now.

today is like yesterday; daughter, times have not changed; today is like yesterday; when I was on earth in flesh, some believed in Me as another prophet, only a few believed in Me as the Messiah; when the Pharisees heard Me they rushed to stone Me for blasphemy, and now Vassula, why are you surprised at what people believe? you come from Me and today I am sending you as My bearer with My Message of Peace and Love, I come to unite My Church, but today is being like yesterday;

let Me tell you; the authorities will be perplexed and many will refuse to believe fully that this Message descends directly from Me, some will mock you; they will scrutinise you, others would not bother to spare you even a minute of hearing, some will misunderstand My Message, for this is beyond their wisdom again;

here I come, with My Heart in My Hand, offering It, All Merciful; using you who is weak and wretched, to be My instrument and manifest Myself through you to descend on earth and unite you; but I tell you truly, had they but looked into My beloved Johannes’ inspirations, 1 all coming from Me, they would understand that the hour is at hand; seek his words, for every prophecy told by him comes truly from Me; little one, let them all see how I work;

My God and Beloved Father, I sometimes fear to face all the denials, mockeries, deafness, rejection for I truly believe that this is truly You. What happiness they would receive if they had really believed that out of Your boundless Mercy and Love You have descended to us and help us again, to unite us!! To redeem us!! To revive Your Church!

My remnant, fear not; if they mock you, they will be mocking Me; if they deny you, they will be denying Me; all that they do to you, they will be doing to Me; 2

happy is your soul to discern what you discern, for I tell you that many souls of great esteem in My Eyes would have wanted to discern what you have discerned, but never could; to hear what you hear, feel what you feel, but never heard it or felt it; Vassula, upon you lies My grace;

I bless You, Father,
for having looked upon Your most wretched creature
and having poured on me all those graces.
Glory be to God Almighty for shining on me.

keep close to Me, for you will still face many more trials;
us, we?

Yes, Lord. We, us.

1 Pope John XXIII was praying for a Second Pentecost in which a renewal could take place; the renewal of God’s creation, of God’s Church, and a revival, so that the Church brings forth UNITY.

2 God reminds me that He is sharing all my sorrows and anguishes, which consoles me.