October 26, 1987

(In the night of the 24th God enlightened me to understand further the meaning of the Apparition of St. Mary as an immense statue to my cousin. It was to confirm that God is willing and allows statues in His Church which represent His Image and this of St Mary. Then in the night of the 25th God enlightened me again and made me understand that He agrees and allows us to decorate the Churches in images representing Him; photos, paintings etc.)

I allow My Church to bear My Image; do not strip My Body, 1 adorn Me, embellish Me, leave It as It is; 2 listen Vassula, I am the Church, trust Me;


beloved, I am Yahweh; write, daughter:

O creation, have I not raised saints and prophets to warn you of the end of times? have I not foretold that I will send you from My Celestial Hall an angel proclaiming My secret intention so that it may be fulfilled? the constancy of My Words will be reaffirmed;

have I not foretold you that My messenger’s mission will be to communicate My Revelation? My testimony is the spirit of prophecy; rejoice and exult all you who are faithful to Me! woe for the unfaithful, for My Word will come upon them like a Sword striking them, destroying all their false wisdom, wisdom which inspired My creation to fall into Satan’s nets, transforming My lambs into Godless, fearless, immoral people;

I have, Vassula, given you a vision of warning, an allusion of what I have done to Sodom and Gomorrah, let them take heed of My warning, for I the Lord, have foretold My creation that unless they repent and accept Me as their Creator, My Sword will strike them;

it is out of My boundless Mercy that I descend on earth3 to warn you; I am the Spirit of Truth who speaks; listen to what I have to tell to My Churches, creation; do not stand still; forward My warning; I am standing at the door knocking, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I the Lord will enter to share his meal side by side with him; do not fear, I am fulfilling My Word; before you I stand;

Lord, are You maybe hinting to me personally to forward Your warning? If yes, how Lord, more than by photocopies?

all I ask from you, is love; let Me engrave on you; I have already selected those who are to forward My Message;

come, I am with you; feel Me, feel My Presence, yes; 4 love Me;

I love You, Jesus. Teach me to love You more, just like You want us to love You.

I am;

1 The Church.
2 As the Orthodox and the Catholics decorate the Church.
3 Figurative way.
4 I discerned Jesus.