October 22, 1987

(At 2.30 in the morning I woke up with my mouth and lips as dry as parchment from thirst. Jesus told me: “get up and drink now, two days are over;” I went and sipped some water, not much as I could not stand it.

This morning my soul, sad beyond imagination, longed for Him. Why has He awakened me, to refuse me the privilege of being among those who live in His house? If they knew their privilege! and I, to infuse in me the desire, but prevent me from entering and be surrounded by His Peace, instead, I have to be in exile and so much temptation …)

O daughter! blessed of My Soul, blessed of My Heart, from within Me exhales My pain too; but, Vassula, I have created you to stay among mankind and integrate among them; I love you ineffably to the extent that fondness becomes folly; Vassula, wretched beyond words, sacrifice, beloved, yourself and be among wretchedness and Godless people, for you are to be My Net; let your Holy Father rejoice at your catch; let My Heart fill up this time with joy; draw souls to Me;

reserve your tears, for there will be none left when your ears shall hear the infamies said about My Mother!

Jesus do not let their tongue articulate when it comes to infamies.

Vassula, I, the Lord, will grant them My pardon for they know not what they are saying;

Will they ever learn, Lord?

all will learn, every creature will learn, provided that they listen; let Me answer the question in your mind;

But Lord You say ‘provided’, that means that there will be some who will not listen.

to My great sorrow there will be those who will shut their ears! those that will refuse to hear will not be spared this time; come now, get up and follow Me; 1

1 Jesus standing near me was urging me to get up.