December 10, 2018

My Vassula, My Peace I give to you; do not doubt of My Love; you are My delight on whom My protection is given; I am your Keeper;

My Song is about Forgiveness and Justice; I love Justice, humility and virtue; allow yourselves to be adopted by Me, as I adopted My daughter who now is united to Me and in union with My Holy Spirit;  I have made visible our union, through all these years to you; have I not planted you in My garden of delights, a lily among lilies? have I not shown goodness and kindness to you? repose in My Sacred Heart to keep your soul tranquil and in peace;

I am your Light and your Salvation, your Fortress and your Rock, so who can uproot you from Me? child! hear My Voice! and welcome it like the sun; welcome it like showers on a thirsty soil and your lips will sing for joy and all day long your tongue will permanently proclaim My Words of Wisdom, proclaiming My marvels; so fulfill the vows you made to Me; and give thanks as you invoke My Name; let your prayers reach Me and let them rise to Me like incense;

remind everyone that all of your thoughts and actions through the span of your life are recorded in My Book of Life, the Book of Truth, which will be opened in Judgment Day and be read out aloud, unfolding all and everything you have done while on earth; the virtuous will have eternal life with Me, as for the rebels they will be flung head first in the eternal fires and into the Abyss for good; so build your life on love; be constant in your love, so that you may rest for ever in Paradise;

I am the Key to Paradise;

allow Me, Vassula, to use your hand for only a little while still; I am carrying you in My Heart;