December 14, 2018

My Vassula, balm on My Body,

Your Church, Lord…

yes; My Body is filled with thorns of each species…1 misery and distress have reduced My Body which is My Church into a lamentation book; now at any time Saint Michael My Archangel will stand up, and all nations will taste what they had sown; the corrupt will stagger in their distress while they realize where their conduct led their soul to be; and a piercing cry of agony will shake the foundation of the earth, but the faithful and the pure will remain unscathed!

I look sadly at My Church today and She still lies scattered as the dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision, empty from the Spirit; I have sent famine among nations as a reminder, that without Me, divorced from Me, your lives will remain in desolation and in poverty; I have sent turbulence among nations to remind you of your true foundations; fire and brimstone will be displayed soon to acknowledge your sinfulness, and if you do, I shall keep you to Myself;

do you know what those thorns have done to My Body? they have planted themselves in My Body in such a way, that they may be able to grow roots, they have rooted themselves in My Body and their roots have grown now into venomous thistles; these thistles committed crimes in my Body resembling the crimes of Sodom, perversity, pride, gluttony, arrogance, complacency, adultery and adding filthy practices;

ah, Lord, You had asked me years back to pull out the thorns from Your Body, but have I neglected to do so? have I failed You? why so many thorns still lie in Your Body?

ah, Vassula, you have not failed Me, I have been watching your efforts to pull out of My Body those thorns;

but it seems I have somehow not been able to pull out all of them, and You seem to suffer…

no, Vassula, you have indeed consoled Me, all of your efforts were not in vain; at all moments your hand never stopped pulling out those thorns, some were uprooted, others remained in My Body since these were hiding in dark corners growing into venomous trees; these are beyond human strength of uprooting them;

so what can one do?

the only way to uproot them will be by My Own Hand; I will have to burn their roots, snap their branches and in their place plant vineyards, and the vineyards will bear their fruit!

disciple of Mine; look around you and you can tell; is there any nation that does not spread terror through the world of the living? indeed your era is an era of darkness, a vision of horror! pain and tribulation has become your daily bread, generation, decreasing your life span and here I Am, giving you signs of My Presence among you, oh, but how indifferent you are! here I Am stretching out My Hands to save you and free you from your misery; have I become so unnoticeable to you, generation? is there any austerity in My Presence? or in My appearance? who tells you that I hardly forgive your sins when you repent? according to grace when you repent I forgive and forget;

in your age and time, generation, I am sending you the Holy Spirit to revive you, with urgency; I form apostles, prophets to renew My Church; when the stench of decay has reached Heaven through the complacency of My shepherds; do you remember what I said to you at your dining table once?2

yes! love is missing! replace those thorns in My Body with the virtue of love; let its root be embodied deep in My Body, water it with prayer and with faith and hope, and I shall shed My Light on it to allow it to grow watching it as it grows into holiness; among those who will take root in My Body, My Presence too will be among you; and people will be heard saying: ‘look, here God lives among human beings;’ and I will confirm what I have said in the past: ‘look! I am making the whole of My creation new,’ I am renewing My creation, I am pouring unutterably My Holy Spirit in this dead era of yours to redeem you from the enemy; I will shed My Light on your minds and lift up the veil covering your eyes and bring to your memory who I Am; and you will return to Me;

and in those days every knee shall bend low before Me, and all who were going down the alley of dust will lower themselves and will revere Me; in the end all generations to come, will proclaim My Name, telling people of My saving help…

daughter-of-the-King, I have been courting you with oil of gladness as none other among your generation; My Sceptre of Royalty is a Sceptre of kindness and mercy, placed on your wrist to enable you to pen down My Words in this noble theme, addressing you through you a Poem, an Ode,

Vassula, My strength will keep upholding you to keep acclaiming to the Churches My unfailing Love; you delight Me, flower of My Heart, your Bridegroom is near you all the time; be blessed  ic

1 I heard simultaneously the word ‘kind’

2 that was more than 30 years ago, when I asked Jesus, ‘what’s missing?’ He replied: ‘Love is missing…’