September 7, 2018

My child, I want today to reassure you of My constant Love I have for you; lily of My Heart, I am the Guardian of your soul; guarding you from the fate of sinners, to live your life in innocence, I have breathed in you life for I have embedded you in My Heart; delight at this! listen to My Word and follow It, so that you may not go astray; the Word is Life; the Word keeps you away from sinning if you follow My Word, but if you happen to sin you have your advocate with the Father; I am the One who takes your sins away, so lift your eyes and look at My Glory, look at My Sovereignty, look at the Heavens, then look Who is the Author of these Messages;

on Judgment Day I shall judge everyone in My Courts and I shall separate sin from virtue, evil from good; then I shall add on the scale the love you had for neighbour and for Me; I shall count every degree of purity, every word of love, every cry of repentance, I shall value highly all of these; every soul will be standing in front of My Throne, men and women of all peoples, nations and languages; all denominations of Angels will be present in My Court of Judgment;

I tell you, generation, you do not have much time left to resolve to humble yourself before Me, every action you do, every thought good or bad is being written in the Book of Truth; if anyone decides to walk with Me and cling to Me I will protect them through their walk and I will lead them to safety: Home! yes! Heaven is your final destination, Heaven is your true Home! at Home you will feel My Peace and that you belong, you will feel secure; you will understand that you always belonged there; your soul will feel enveloped by My Arms, in My Embrace forever;

and more, you will realize then that I Am your Spouse! so I tell everyone: do not waste your time in this passing world, for your life span is over in a breath; every soul will be gone one day or the other; whereas in Heaven your days are eternal, they will not be counted; therefore, remember that all, yes all of you are the sons and daughters of the Most High and so do not make gods of material things, worshipping them; I am ready always to shepherd you with tenderness and guide you all with compassion;

ah, Vassula! anointed by My Hand, on whom I have given an angelic mission, your Father and I delight in your hunger for Us, this is why We have revealed Ourselves to you to satisfy your hunger and lead you in a path of sapphires, fragranced with myrrh and frankincense;

and lift your eyes to meet My Gaze, My Gaze that will restore any lacking, any doubt, any fear, when your eyes will meet My Gaze, you will be looking in an Infinite deep turquoise ocean of Love, you will gaze in the depths of My Love, the Love of Me, your God;

My beloved be happy that I have put in your mouth this New Song, a Song of Forgiveness, a Song of Mercy, Love, a Song of Tenderness and Hope, a Song of Wisdom, and Purity, a Song of Truth and of Faithfulness to be sung around the world so that every living thing may hear its sound and get healed;

the mountains, the valleys, rivers and seas and everyone who lives under these skies when they will hear it they will know that the God they have forgotten, He has never forgotten them; Love will be at their doorstep waiting for them to surrender; I will tell them if they will open the door of their heart that I made a New Song for them to be played on the strings of Love that will give victory to Me but safety to them; I will then invite them to perfection, perfecting them in Us, so long as they will be willing to follow Us;

pray, Vassula, that they will observe My Word and that I may open their eyes; Love loves you… ic