December 27, 2011

Lord, deliver us from evil this coming year and let Your Kingdom come and Your Reign encompass us;

O Vassula! My Peace I give to you; I am known to have done great things, so trust Me; never fail to pronounce everything I have given you; be patient with your persecutors and ah! what I had said then to My Father in Heaven is so very relevant for your times as well; I had reproached the towns in which I performed so many miracles and yet were not disposed to repent; you wonder why the clergy mistrust you and cannot see that these messages are My Work of Mercy, of who some even take pleasure to condemn you without a trial? You ask, why are they not given the grace to believe, well, as I said then I say it today: “I bless You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the wise and revealing them to mere children; yes, Father, for that is what pleased You to do;”

the very jackals give the breast, and suckle their young: but the daughters of My people have grown cruel, like the ostriches of the desert 1; as for the young men, their faces are dark with sin;

Vassula, listen and write: they plotted against you, and hunted you, but every wicked action, every slander they used against you will fall on their head; trust Me, stand your ground and hope in Me; you are not alone, I Am with you!

I have favoured you amongst many, to speak in My Name; kindness is upon you, and I encircled your head with a wreath of courage, of hope and of fidelity; see, I made you a witness to this evil generation, and Cyprus will grow in My Name and the wind will carry My Words far and wide; gather nations, peoples of all kinds and let them hear My messages; many more will come assembling and coming to hear My messages; see?

My Vassula, I will continue to gather My flock and as for you: Love loves you, stand in My Light, and put your hope in Me; ic

1 Lam 4:3