February 3, 2012

Most gracious Lord, bring us to repentance, or else our spirit will die; 1

peace to you My child; My Eyes, Vassula, penetrate into the darkness of each soul; I suffer with thirst for souls;

Vassula, the world today will try to take away your (plural) freedom; today the world scorns all that is Holy, some 2 claim to have absolute knowledge of My Divinity, but the things they are drawn to are nothing but a denial of Me; I was calling, but they denied and still deny that I am calling; the leaders of your country are killing and stealing the bread from the children’s mouth; they charge your nation and assault it as they please; from every side they will rob you of the fruit of your labours;  (allow Me to speak,) …the people of your country have taken the wrong path;

you are a land that I have blessed, but you have neglected to praise Me and extol Me; your shepherds who know nothing go their own way, each after their own interest neglecting My fold, and silencing My Voice; they are following the way of this world; immersed in the passions of this world without hope and without Me, your God;

My Word is something alive and active; it cuts like any double-edged sword but more finely;3 and yet in their night they failed to believe that I have blessed you with spiritual graces; I have been calling every soul to renew their mind by a spiritual revolution, so that they live in Me and I in them, but they failed to hear Me; I was calling them to give up their old way of life, but they gave their heart to their money saying: “with this I am self-sufficient;” and they have put Me out of their mind day after day;

I have within Me both Mercy and Wrath; so look at the generations of old and see: they extolled Me and honoured Me; these were an example of loyalty and gentleness, who glorified Me;

have you not read: “woe to the listless heart that has no faith, for such will have no protection, woe to you who have lost the will to endure; what will you do at the Lord’s visitation?” 4

in these days I mean to purge the lands of their apostasy, their passions and their sins that are lying now like hot coal on their heads bearing the weight of their sins; and now I am telling you: My Word will come true as in the past when I had forewarned you about your apostatized nations that the towers would crumble down and the waves of the seas will bring destruction shaking the earth out of its axis; these were to be Signs for all of you, for when they happen you would know that I, God, have spoken;

during these End of Times, My Spirit will be poured on all humanity, even on those who scorned My Words in this Message, making fun of My Promise;

as I said: My Word is alive and out of My Word, the same Word, I formed the earth, and I tell you, I will purge this earth by flame and sorrow; when angels sinned I did not spare them; My Day will come upon you in an unexpected time; I will silence the fools; then from thereon you will live in My Will; the nations will see Me with different eyes; love and justice will reign once more, and violence will be heard no more;

today I am feeding My lambs in this way, and My Spirit is bringing spiritual food to the poor, to bind up hearts that are broken and remind them once more that – the Heart of the Lord is all forgiveness, all love and tenderness; — a Heart that can array you with His Glory, a Heart in which you can find comfort; I bring salvation, to every open heart; and if today I reproached you, it is because of the greatness of the Love I have for you; My Heart is bleeding with sorrow to see this hour of darkness upon you, thrown in the mud of your sin; I will rescue you, only if you repent and return to Me; ic

1 I was thinking of Greece and all the sufferings not only of our nation but of the whole world of today

2 some of the clergy

3 Heb 4:12

4 Si 2:13-14