December 8, 2011

My daughter, lean on Me; follow the path I prepared for you, a path covered with exquisite sapphires, this is the path that will lead you to Me; follow the path of the upright man, for it is levelled1; follow the path of My judgments, enlarge My Church, bring My people together to bud and blossom, I charge you, daughter of Egypt, to gaze at Me, your Lord, and love Me; hide not your gaze from Me until the harvest is over so that you continue to know My Will;

look at Me, daughter, delight Me in contemplating Me;

the God I am contemplating exults my spirit,
His radiance fills the whole universe,
He is the Alpha and the Omega,
and yet indescribably meek and gentle;

all earthly cares fade away when I gaze at You; all anxieties vanish, absorbed in Your Light of peace and holiness;

true, daughter, I am Holy and My radiance covers all the cosmos; My uncreated Light of Divinity reveals to mankind the Kingdom of My Father enabling him to penetrate into the mysteries of Me, the Son of Man;

I have called and am still calling everyone to surrender to My Will and repent so that they enter into My Divine Light that will reveal to them the Kingdom of My Father and His Will; malice must be banished from every heart for evil brings death;

in your days, Vassula, when people still ask you how are they to know whether they are in conformity with My Will, tell them: “if your spirit is not resting in God, but feels worried, crushed and distressed over everything in this world, this is a sign that you have not fully abandoned yourself to God, nor to His Will;

for he who lives in the Will of God, trusts God; if hardships may come on his way, and his life is threatened these will not affect his peace, no, but if you fear for your life, this too, is a sign that you are far from having surrendered your will to God’s;

a soul who has no fear, at all, is a soul that has given his will to God; if a soul prays asking God to obtain something, yet does not receive it and is worried for not having received it, that soul is still far from God’s Will;

a soul that has surrendered his will to God’s Will does not worry, does not fear, and does not live in anxiety for come what may, that soul remains unworried and in tranquillity, accepting God’s decision, never losing his peace; but a person who is only concerned about his life and all material things of this earth, this soul will be continuously living in distress, fear, and worries and not until he gives himself to God’s Will, will he be able to live in peace and know God’s Will;”

then, only then, will they see straight and acknowledge Me; Scriptures say: “yes, naturally stupid are all men who have not known God and who, from the good things that are seen, have not been able to discover Him-who-is”2; some will say: “the Lord inflicts on me sufferings and afflictions that are beyond my bearing”; “whatever comes out of My Will, if you are in My grace, you will be able to bear them with a light heart and with fortitude, for love bears with love and grace”; this is what you can tell them; and if they ask: “but why does the Lord not give me this grace, and the gift of fortitude to bear all that afflicts my soul?” My answer is: “I want you to give up your will to Mine! You have not surrendered your will to My Will but you are still walking on your own; and worse still, have you not wondered why it is every time you say, ‘God made me understand, or told me, to do so and so,’ yet these things have gone wrong and not come true? this too is a sign that you have not completely surrendered to My Will; humble yourself; ask Me to grant you a contrite spirit, and you will rest in Me; then I will reveal to you the Kingdom of My Father;” despair not, for I am always with you; Love loves you; ic come…

1 at he same time I heard the word ‘even’
2 Wisdom 13: 1