February 28, 2006

Yahweh in His princely way
has stooped down all the way to us
to reach us;
in His Majestic manner He brought us His Word
like broad-spreading rivers on parched land;

He is our Judge and our Lawgiver,
the eyes who recognized Him
and saw Him in this Love Song
will no longer be closed;
the ears of those who heard His Word
will remain alert;
and the lenient heart that accepted Him in contrition
will learn integrity to honour Him;

all glory be His, for ever and ever…

two Princely Messengers from the highest ranks of Heaven
came to me at first to approach me
by the names of Daniel and Uriel;

like ambassadors of peace they came to me,
the totally unworthy one
to make out of this soiled and dry earth 1
a field of lilies and daffodils
to be fitting to receive the Word of God…

happy the land that received Me! 2 for in receiving My Word I betrothed you and in My Sweetness and Tenderness joined your heart to Mine in divine union so that you call Me: ‘my Bridegroom…’ your Creator will continue to lead you with reins of kindness, with leading strings of love, holding you close to My Heart, this same Heart that My Son Jesus Christ is nearest to; I, together with My Son and the Holy Spirit have given your generation knowledge of salvation; I have given you to them to benefit from all that We have taught you; it is written that My Words are sweeter than honey, even than honey that drips from the comb; 3 thus I form those I have chosen; I want you to be uncompromising in teaching all that I have given you; these are the things I want you to say;

the Greek Orthodox priests question Your Sweetness Lord; they accuse me calling Your language: erotic language;

those that refuse to accept My language and accuse you, My beloved, have not seen My Majesty nor My friendship, nor have they recognized My authority in My Words; they despise prophecy and insult the Spirit of Grace; in these times where rebellion reigns, would I not intervene? brimming over with compassion, would I remain silent? anyone who blasphemes the Spirit of Grace and My Mercy will be condemned to a severe judgment… My Words given are a reflection of the Scriptures; but many are not eager to find Me as I am, in My Sweetness and My Beauty; these same ones are far from deification and transformation; anyone who has not contemplated Me how could he know Me? how could he know of My Sweetness if he had never tasted it? outward they appear holy and all knowledgeable but from within, all mire and malice; they circulate with audacity and prejudice dominating with spite and wickedness, harassing those who received grace, and through grace, Light and Life; it is the simple of heart, the meek and sincere flock who possess the Holy Spirit, these will glorify Me by their perseverance, their good works and together with Me, they will attract many to the universal Church; towns and entire villages will be converted through the sacrifices of those I have chosen; together we will root out the iniquitous abominations so as to set their heart on Me; continue to teach all nations and build bridges there where there are none; the race is not over but I am with you; I am your support and on your side; leave those to Me who have not appreciated My great Love; pray for your priests for My Son weeps bitterly over them and avoid judging them; plead for their cause, so that one day they too will give off a sweet smell like incense and fragrance Me; be strong, My child and hope in Me; I bless you leaving the Breath of My Mouth on your forehead;


1 my soul
2 the Father speaks
3 Ps 19:10