April 29, 2006

O Lord how glorious is Your Name
in all the cosmos!
what are humans who are nothing
but dust and ashes to You
and yet You are mindful of them?

Who are we and who am I that You descended
from Your Glory and Splendour to visit me?

You have made us a little lower than the Angels,
clothing us with honour and glory…

You have made us collaborators in Your Works
giving us the possibility to rule with You!

You have filled my soul with divine lectures
and my heart bubbles forth good news;

You shepherded me…

You turned my tongue into an audible pen
of a ready writer;
I give glory to the One
who created me and all things…

fear not; you are the place in which We made Our Abode; indeed I have made out of you My pen to pen My sayings; sayings that will be remembered in all future generations; grace has been poured on your lips to enable you to proclaim with honour My Name; I have anointed you with oil of gladness, do not let your heart go astray but let it incline on Mine remember that in the end I shall triumph; –

the road I have chosen for you is not easy but do not be afraid; do not stagger, for I am the Lord and My Sceptre of My Kingdom is a right Sceptre; I will use it to lift or to cast down with righteousness; all those that I have chosen and blessed with anointing oil are tried as silver is tried; I try them with fire in order to turn their mouths worthy to proclaim My Word; feel loved by Me… and now rejoice for I, Myself, have preached to you in My Courts; rejoice! for the One who hymns to you is the very One who created all things; who created you and who is before all things and by Me all things are sustained;

I Am the Pastor 1 of My flock,
the Head of the Mystical Body
which is the Church;

My Blood was not shed in vain, but in shedding It on the Cross I reconciled everything to Myself; I made peace for those who dwell on earth as well as for those who live in heaven;

Vassula, I have not been speaking in fables but in Truth; that which is proper should be preached; preach My Word everywhere for the sake of My Church, let the Church benefit from My sayings and from My unsearchable riches of My Sacred Heart; My Word will enlighten hearts and strengthened by My Spirit, their hearts will turn to Me; never lose hope and never doubt of My powerful presence;

ah! I planted in a pleasant place My Word! how good it is to collect in this land My fruit! I will, in this land, increase My altars and multiply My shrines; My Vassula, say these words to Me:

‘the Lord is great,
He has given generously to the poor,
His Righteousness endures
for ever and ever;
the Lord preserves the little ones;
He humbled me and saved me;
so now what shall I render to the Lord
for all that He has given me?’

– you can render Me equality of love; Love for love; keep My Commandments and follow them; remember, you have been chosen to please Me with your offerings for My House; I am your life and My Presence is magnified through you to become partaker of My plan; – beloved I am your Friend, never doubt, peace… ic

1 Shepherd (I heard simultaneously both words)