February 13, 2006

The Lord is faithful for He gives me strength
and guards me from evil,
He is the ultimate Joy of my sprit,

and you, My beloved, are My precious soul, My adornment and the wreath on My Head;

Lord, You have raised me with bonds of Love,
You have stripped off my guilt
and revealed Your Holy face to me,
You have turned my aimlessness
into passion for You;

Happy the man whose faults are forgiven
and whose sins are blotted away;
they shall obtain the gift of Love!

My Heart had been touched by your so impoverished soul; I had found a place in your heart on which I could settle My Feet and rest in you; I turned you from a listless nomad into a pavilion of peace; I conversed with you to this day and hour giving you happiness, joy and satisfaction; you see, Vassula, I appear on you to show to the people our union; to show to the blind that I dwell in you and that you are in Me; and to fulfil My sayings that the only sign I would give to prove that I am the Author of this revelation, is you, daughter; Love loves you; Love came to you in this way; what delight My Heart obtained when you responded to My Call; lean on Me and trust Me; I will never forsake you; Love loves you; ic