February – April, 2003

(Jesus Christ took over…)

yes, Vassula, your gentle Lord and Saviour has freed you; Our1 Doctrine does not differ and in union We say: discover Me, your God; discover Us in purity of heart; I have great things to tell My creation that would beautify it;

no, not many understand the Holy undivided Trinity, yet We are one Substance, one Power, and one Knowledge, one God alone… and We are free to communicate Ourselves to any soul and at any time; the Father and I and the Holy Spirit, all three descend as three witnesses to respell Our Word and re-educate you to live a true life in Us;

as the Father explained it to you, your heart has been created out of Our Sublime Love to return this Love to Us; your heart from the beginning is filled up only with Our Presence; it is created in such an ineffable way that it should be able to maintain all the Sublime Love, and Sweetness of Our Presence; but if thorns and brambles pierce it, like a perforated cistern it will lose its contents; the thorns are the worries of the world and the lure of riches that can perforate the heart and dry it up from the Life giving Spring;

Lord, You have been the Gate for Your revelation to me
and in doing so, You have hid me well within You;

because of Your great Love,
You became flesh and dwelt among us;

tell me, Lord, how can one not lose You?
how can anyone contain You forever in their heart
without losing You in this tempestuous world
filled with toxins and temptations?
for it seems that for he who does not cherish You
from the very beginning as one should,
nor exalt Your Holy Name as we ought to, nor fear You,
nor reach equality of love as You love us,
the risk is great;
many of us will be losers from day one…

Yes, Lord, is that not the truth?
So tell me, Lord, what is the secret
of not becoming perforated,
and, is there any remedy to the damage if once done?

for men this is impossible; for God everything is possible; 2

then too, everyone is given the gift of free will; the man who fears Me will be willing to accept correction and will not lose Me; those who seek Me will be nourished by Me and will remain full; Love is the Spirit of God, through which you obtain My Light, illuminating your heart; anyone who truly and sincerely struggles to participate in My Grace, can remain dispassionate of this world and will not lose the sublime substance in their heart; but if one stops and converses with Temptation, listening to the worldly riches, this one will remain in the world and will be trampled by the dust of sin;

I had said that My Father and I and the Holy Spirit will come and dwell with the soul that loves Me and keeps My Commandments; My Presence is fully in these hearts and through the Light We shed in them, these souls come to the Divine Knowledge of Myself; this great Knowledge filled with love lead their feet into the Nuptial Chamber where I, their Bridegroom, wait for them to enjoy untroubled peace…

every soul can attain the heights of My Love; every soul is called to a Divine union with Me; why am I conversing with you in your times? why am I fragrancing with My Divine Odes this generation? why am I addressing you in poetry and religion? why have I gone down to the obscure regions to be among you? why am I shedding the radiance of My inaccessible light on you all? why am I visiting the graveyards and opening the tombs in search of the dead? why am I calling you to a Divine union and to a spiritual marriage?

I will tell you why: even if you are “damaged” as you said, Vassula, there is hope left for reparation; this is what it is all about; I come to save the sinner; and as I said before; for men this is impossible; for God everything is possible; 3 in other words, I am infinitely rich in Grace and it is by Grace you can be saved; I do not desire the death of the sinner; I am the Resurrection and I desire that all of you live in My Light; for this reason I descend on earth through these Odes and by other means too, to resurrect you, you who allowed yourselves to fall from Grace into the tomb and lie now putrefying by the millions, due to sin…

in My boundless compassion, I said in the Courts of Heaven: “I do not wish to watch endlessly and forever the sinners’ death, grieving, but rather that he returns to Me and lives;” from above I saw a massive graveyard and the stench of the putrefying bodies was spreading in the entire cosmos… the world, decaying, is covered by darkness, swallowed by obscurity, so am I to see continuously My sons and heirs enslaved and dying? for how long am I to see My own household torn asunder and riven? it is time, yes indeed, to separate the darnel from the wheat; I made an oath then and said:

“I will give them, through the power of My Holy Spirit, the Grace for their hidden self to grow strong to anyone who responds to My graceful Call, so that they may live in Me, and I may live in them through faith; then planted in love and built on love they will be raised to obtain the utter fullness of Myself;”

thus, I have responded to your statement, Vassula; I said in My infinite Mercy: “I will shed light in this irrational creation to enlighten their minds and renew them by a spiritual revolution; I, Myself, will lead them into this renewal of self and mind, leading each one in the goodness and holiness of the truth; My desire to save everyone burns in My Heart; I will not turn My Face away but teach each one and re-educate them;

“yes indeed, the Lord of heaven and earth will enkindle this earth with His Love; I will go and visit My prodigal sons and call them back to Me reminding them of this ocean of Goodness, reminding them to put their trust in Me; with great tenderness I will teach them to practise good and never yield to evil; then with sweetness I will re-educate them, respelling My Word to them with their vocabulary, 4 to reach them more surely;

“in other words Divine Wisdom will adapt Herself to their needs to make Myself understood in their so impoverished soul, giving them the Knowledge of salvation, through the forgiveness of their sins; and as the rising Sun I will brighten their hearts; I will sow them in My Heart in which they will blossom and will declare with joy:

‘how great are Your signs Master;
how multiple and mighty Your wonders!
You, the Almighty and wondrous God,
who shone Your Face on me and favoured me,
adorning my entire soul with Yourself;
may Your Name be praised and adored;’

and I, in My delight, will respond: ‘henceforth, My beloved, I will reside in you and you will reside in Me, your God;’

“the angels then will sing in one voice: ‘God’s Domain5 is immeasurably wide; it is He who is our God; no other can compare with Him; He leads His heirs like gods into His Domain; like royal princes carried back in glory He leads them with great jubilation in His Kingdom; You are, Illustrious One, unrivalled; let the whole earth revere Him and fear Him, for He is our God and King!’

“yes, these noble Odes will be sung to this generation and to others that follow it; My Heart, while singing Them is stirred with emotion, for I am sick with love for you….”

6 myrrh-of-My-Heart, write down My Words while looking at Me… I tell you, just as My Father said: when I speak, I do not use any rigid formulations, this is not Our way of speaking, nor do We make saints and martyrs in this way but virtue and religion is Our sweet converse with you; I address My Odes with no sword by My side, but with honey under My tongue; My wondrous appearance in your obscure generation, is like a Sun that never sets; My Light is perpetually contemplated by My celestial Court with awe but with enthusiasm at the same time;

– blessed are those who purify themselves and allow themselves to be enfolded in My embrace, they will become light themselves;

– blessed are they who through My Light acquire Wisdom, they will receive the grace of Knowledge;

– blessed are they who become the flame of the Flame and enter into the inaccessible Fire becoming one with It yet without being consumed; what burning desires will enkindle these souls, wishing to put ablaze all the earth with My Instructions and My Law of Love!

– blessed are those who, in spite of their so impoverished soul, have ears now to hear Me, for these too will obtain a celestial light in their intellect to follow My observances; yes, blessed are those who hear My Word and act on it, the ineffable Light will englobe them entirely, transforming them into gods by participation; how else will you enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? you would need to be vested properly and recognised by the Father;

the Kingdom of Heaven may be compared to the royal banquet that one king gave for his son’s wedding, as in the parable I had given you, 7 I am the same One who spoke then, who speaks now; the wedding was ready, but those who were heartily invited were not interested to go; in fact many of them sneered at the king’s invitation; this is a common temptation among those who believe they work for My Interests and are called, but have no time to respond to My Call; in reality their mind is far away from Me; they are absorbed in their petty things, or in their personal affairs; phlegmatic to move or lose their comfort they bring up all sorts of excuses; at least there remains the wretched and the poor in spirit and those who never knew Me or heard of Me; it is from these I will receive praise and honour for they are the chosen ones who did not reject My Call like the first guests, or the man who half-heartedly walked in without bothering to be dressed properly; the king had given orders to his servants to go to the crossroads in town and invite everyone, good and bad… these are the people that were not Mine8 and of whom I shall now say: “you are My people;” instead of being told, “you are no people of Mine, but rejects of every kind of society,” I will name them sons and daughters of the living God, heirs to My Kingdom…

look, your King comes to you now in your dark days with a train of His angels to invite you to His wedding feast; many are called but few are chosen… anyone without a wedding garment, who never bothered to wear one for lack of enthusiasm and respect shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; 9

I tell you truly, unless you wear Me as your wedding garment the Father will not recognise Me in you…. 10 ‘I will bring many home from foreign countries; no wall will be built across their path, but My angels, the guardians of My Threshold, will open a path for them, spreading sapphires11 on it, to lead them to Me…’

and you, you who cry out to Me: “gravediggers are gathering for me, Lord, save me! I want to renounce to sin and be with you now in the wedding feast!” do not despair, you too will be saved since you are willing to be saved; and the gravediggers will be chased away by My angels; then My angels will lift you sublimely on a dazzling white sheet and holding it by its four corners, will soar the skies carrying you in the heights to treat your wounds12 with heavenly balm, oil of myrrh, spices and lotions; 13 this will be done to cleanse you and purify you before they lead you to Me; this period of cleansing and wiping away is customary preparation for the bride-to-be; every bride-to-be has, for a period of time, to be cleansed before My angels deliver you into the Nuptial Chamber to meet your Bridegroom;

My angels will accompany you all the way to the Threshold, and while you will be standing outside the Nuptial Chamber, a slight memory of the past will come back to you; the time when you were formerly tainted and contemptuous towards Me; the time when you were unmoved at My Calls yet enflamed for the passions of this world; by now, at this moment a new life awaits you; dressed in full splendour, radiant in your beauty, cleansed and perfumed, you are ready to step in the Nuptial Chamber and meet your King; delighted with joy and trembling, languidly you make your approach to the Nuptial bed; your gaze suddenly falls on My Divinity; upon seeing My Holy Face although still veiled, your soul becomes light;

“O all desirable King,
how blessed I am
to have been favoured by Your Majesty
and be called to wed Sovereignty!”

your voice will hymn to Me;

“blessed indeed are those whom You call
and wed You, finding Heaven in Your fiery embrace;
blessed are those who caress Your Holy Face
and delight near Your Heart;”

with these words, the King, the One who surpasses all angelic beauties, in His immortal splendour suddenly sees Himself in you, a formidable sight; afire with Divine Love, He reaches out to His-bride-to-be, inviting her in His embrace and says:

“I offer you, My beloved one,
as a pledge to our mystical union,
the Unction of the Holy Spirit;”

leaning then towards you, drawing you near His Heart, He will place This14 Divine Royal Diadem on your head with an ineffable kiss of His Mouth…

and He shrouded me in the radiance of immortality…

now you will become part of Me and one with Me adorning each one of your members with Divinity and Light, incorruption and blessedness to be befitting for Me, your God and King;

all of a sudden the world of the past will seem to fade away gently from you with all its contents, forever; and in a single moment, impassibility, the angelic virtue, will blossom in your heart, likewise a spiritual sensuousness of what it would be like to be near the Beatific Vision will occur itself instantly; angelic virtues in variety will be your crown from thereon, for these are what I will offer you as a gift to attain perfection; the Absolute God then will intertwine Himself with you in the delicate scents of the Nuptial Chamber and be one with you, englobing you entirely in His Light until you yourself become light;

enwrapped in My Holy Spirit, your mouth will be My Mouth, your limbs, My Limbs, your eyes, My Eyes, your utterance will be My Utterance; your acts and thoughts will all be divine; henceforth, your entire lustrous being and soul will be animated by Me; this will be the beginning of your new life in Me… I will be possessing you and you in your turn will be possessing Me; the desire for your Bridegroom will never be satisfied, although you will be sated by Divine Love, still, your thirst will keep augmenting… I will be, My beloved, your mystical Cup, your divine Liturgy, your flame in your heart, your radiant dowry, your resplendent Sun, your Holy Communion, your immortal food; I will be your verse of your Psalm, the golden sunshine in your eyes, your tangible wedding garment; your repose and rest; I will be your intimate sweet embrace and the perfumed waft of your soul;

now that I have you near Me you can draw back the veil from My Face to contemplate My Divinity; the more you see of Me, all the more your love will increase; your heart close to bursting point will desire to love Me even more; your love for Me will become passion; the passion I was offering you in your scholastic days and our betrothals; 15 the infused virtues by the Holy Spirit, conquering your heart to live for Me alone, will keep increasing your love until it produces in you an incurable wound… symbolism of our perfect and indissoluble spiritual matrimonial; symbolism of our oneness; symbolism of your blessedness; symbolism of our perfect Divine union; symbolism that you have tasted Life;

O fearful mystery!
Mystery of Salvation!
Flaming Arrow of my heart!

to contemplate the Divine
is to desire and thirst more than ever for the Godhead;
like dew from heaven,
sparkling its tiny drops like scattered diamonds
our soul glitters in Your Luminous Light,

Luminous Light, unseen by the eye,
intangible and incomprehensible,
yet very true in Its essence,
who unites creatures to Yourself to share Your own Divinity
and make them into gods by participation,
I give glory and honour to You;

ever since You became flesh,
the gates of divinisation were thrust open for us;

I live in gladness in spite of my wound;
yes, upon unveiling Your Holy Face and looking at You,
Your Beauty became my wound and my dilemma;

the power of Your Mysteries is unrivalled
and words become dead if one tries to describe Them;
words and reflections become ashes
that are blown away by the slightest breeze…

what is to have tasted Life?
a life in God and spent with God
is to have tasted Life;

what divine jewels, my Lord,
You are pouring on Your bride,
and rejoicing while giving them;
and how eager You are
to let everyone know of Your new conquest!

You once said, my God
“do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul;
fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell;”
Yes, why should one fear
once we become Your property, and Your possession?
If in this divine spiritual matrimony
You possess the soul and the soul possesses You, my Lord,
who would ever dare approach to break this union?
Not even all hell put together!

My joy now lies in being close to God,
and I look to no one else in heaven,
but on Him in whom I live and who dwells in me…

anyone united to Me will be encircled by various virtues; I will fence My delightful garden with these and I will seal it with the angelic virtue: impassibility in order to attain perfection; the Holy One who transcends heaven and earth can help you attain such a freedom through His Grace; free from carnal feelings and temptations, bringing death to them, annihilating these evil odours by replacing them with fragrant light; I will offer you, once united to Me true freedom of the flesh and will crystallise your spirit in such an ineffable way that you will appear like a diamond; I, who am the Absolute, will infuse in you the desire to adore Me, the desire to be permanently inside of Life, the desire of being arrayed with perfumed light, the desire that I keep breathing over you My scent to keep My Flame alive in you; now My beloved that I have you near Me, surrounded by My radiance shrouding you with My Glory, I have you grafted on Me;

Lord, You who are Love,
never ceased to amaze me
for the choice You have made
to entrust such grandeur and noble Odes
to one who often mistakes her left hand for her right!

how could You engage such Themes to me?
but how can I deny that it is through Your exuberant Love
You teach and give me knowledge
of all the unknowable Themes to me!

You have grafted me on You
to take shape in an incongruous being16
with the assurance to perfect such a being;
the corpse will take life;
then, this being will not help but despise all worldly riches,
for she17 would have discovered the ineffable Kingdom
and the One who is vested in Glory,

she has discovered the Miracle of miracles,
so let Your Words drop on me like dew;
intertwined with You I blossom like a flower
and all that was drought within me
transmogrified into a garden;

fragrance now your Bridegroom, and I will enrich your soul with graciousness; let your love increase daily; let anyone know this fundamental truth:

“the Lord God knows those who are His Own
and so allows them to come near Him;”

these are the ones favoured to reach deification in sharing My matrimonial bed in a divine union with Me; these are the ones destined to become light for having given their life for Me and having allowed Me to wholly assimilate them in Me; this Great Bridegroom whose Love is the cause of your wound and the reason your heart is enticed, ask you to bear this wound of Love with sweetness, for this will increase your fervour to admonish even more now, your heart, from falling into temptations;

altar! your statements entice Me, your vehement boldness to seize Me and hold Me fast without letting Me go so that I breathe over My garden and spread My sweet smell around it gives Me cause to widen your wound; is it because you have discovered honey and milk under My Tongue? or is it the scent of My garments? or is it may be My Divine dominion and power uniting the creature to the Creator? is it perhaps My radiant pure Light that draws you to Me, craving to seize Me and possess Me?

Your All is the vigour of my passion;
there is no other appropriate way of describing why;

You are invisible God,
yet I can still seize You and possess You
without risking to catch fire
since You are Divine Fire too;

now that I seized You and hold You fast
for sure I will not let You go!
I will not let You depart from me,
nor will I let You abandon me to be left alone in this life,
oh, no! never….

though I know You can withdraw and weaken Your Light,
I will still converse with You;

I will be conversing with You
under the twilight of the stars and the moon;
but since a night is only brief,
and dawn is bound to come anyway,
I will once more be conversing
under the rays and brilliance of the Sun!

in You, I gather my myrrh,
from You I am nourished,
with honey and milk as drink;

be eager, My beloved, to possess Me; My rewards are glorious to anyone I am espoused with; I deign to join My Heart to anyone who truly desires it and courteously invite them to a Divine union with Me; My Presence transcends all understanding, even when you say, My Vassula, that I am invisible, I dwell well within you; I will keep ravishing your heart so that I may keep obtaining the most exquisite fragrances from My beloved, and as the Father said once to you I tell you: “like someone stretching upwards his hand holding a censer filled with incense, I will lift your heart, holding it upwards, letting all those rarest essences swirl out to perfume Me and fragrance the earth; your sweet fragrance will be all around Me, delighting Me together with all heaven; My joy will be so great that it will be taken for a wedding dance…”

and you who read so far this Ode, be eager to seek Me and unveil My Holy Countenance as well in the Nuptial Chamber; unveil My Holy Face and learn to contemplate My Beauty and My attractiveness; then as though in a spell, you too will embrace Me while you will be fading away in My Light; I will be shining in all your members, and anyone who sees you will be unable to tell one light from the Other… seek Me with great awareness, thirst for Love, pursue Me, reach out for Me… for your sake I slacken My pace to allow you to find Me; do you not desire Life? My Presence in you is Life, therefore enter into Life; I am the Gate that leads to Eternal Life;

I am your Mystical Cup that once you drink from It, a life-giving spring will well-up from within you; a life spent with Me is indeed a life spent in contemplation on the Divine, receiving ineffable blessings that transcend mind and understanding, then the delights of this earth will simply lose their value for the Bridegroom will saturate you in the water of Life instead, lifting you to the third heaven; Paradise is to be intertwined with Me, your God, in our spiritual espousals, becoming one with the Godhead; immersed in Me, you will have only one desire and that would be to be giving yourself unceasingly to My Will, while I will be giving Myself unceasingly to My beloved; these are My sweet Odes I have now sung for all of you, My sweet Doctrine, My Dialogue that every soul should hear;

1 The Holy Trinity.
2 Jesus quoted the Scriptures: Mt. 19:26.
4 I simultaneously also heard: ‘terms’.
5 It should be understood as ‘Heart’.
6 The Lord here paused, then called me.
8 Not the first invited guests.
9 Our Lord also made me understand that the one who walked in not properly dressed was so that he bad-mouths the Host, and tries to influence the others to join him…
10 At this moment Jesus spoke as though He was speaking alone, so I took this as an oracle.
11 Represents: virtues.
12 Represents: guilt and sin.
13 Figurative for purification.
14 The Unction.
15 Message of May 23, 1987; early when Jesus was instructing me.
16 Me.
17 The soul.