February 3, 2003

Vassula, proclaim all My wonders to every nation; innocence and integrity will receive Me with open arms and will profit from My wonders; I need to re-educate My people to learn to pay tribute to the Father, to Me and to the Holy Spirit; to pay tribute to Our Glory and Power, tribute to Our Mercy and Goodness, tribute to Our miracles and Our signs; this is why I have to re-educate them to learn how to seek My Holy Face and recognise it; when your foundations fall to ruin, am I not to intervene? have you not read that I never ceased to work? 1 but to believe that I have ceased to enrich My creation with abundant gifts as in ancient times, is the most harmful of heresies! every work that I do is full of glory and majesty; My Works are sublime and those who delight in them are right to fix their eyes on them; My courier, make haste at your King’s command to write this Ode, giving it the name:

“Odes of the Holy Trinity”

then make it known in every city, every province and honour Us; the Father will address you now…

(That was Jesus Christ.)

(The Father:)

creation, do not weep, do not mourn, but rejoice and be glad! raise no more dirges when your Creator is singing to you! but open your heart instead so that My Glory and My Light adorn you majestically; shut neither your ears to your King who brings you this wealth from heaven; the One whom you classified as inaccessible, invisible or as: hidden essence, ministers to you now! rejoice in these times of Mercy and be glad! O Race so much loved! why have you allowed devastation and ruin to englobe and invade you to such a degree? tell Me, what benefit have I received at your hands? when My people groan and bemoan under the weight of oppression, or cry out under the tyranny of their enemies, no one thinks to ask, “where is God, who makes glad Odes ring out?” no one admits they have soiled their hands with godlessness; you are sentencing your own life, creation! My Ode now is to lead you to repentance and to acknowledge Me; although you are flesh and bone and earthly substance, I have endowed you with My Spirit and created you in My Image;

many of you ask today with disbelief: “how can this hidden essence above every essence, absolutely inconceivable, that is God, be manifesting Himself in this most mystical way in our modern times and express Himself in such direct terms through one of us who is also dust and ashes?” since you cannot transcend to Me, I have, in My transcendent light and knowledge, willed to address My Odes to this generation that is in desperate need of saving help, revealing Myself to you in this manner…

thus I am free to sing to you and remind you of your true foundations; I sing to you to invigorate and comfort you, to bound broken hearts and operate marvels in your heart; My Ode will be as sweet as honey to all mouths, and like music at a wine feast; being the Creator of all and the cause of all beings I am everywhere and no one can say about Me: “God does not express Himself in this manner;” how could you say these words when you are in darkness? instead, leap now with joy and peer through your darkness, for who is like unto Me? Father, I Am; Liturgical Hymn of your soul, I Am; Luminous Godhead, I Am;

Scriptures say: “happy the pure in heart, they shall see God;” today, Vassula, everyone sees as far as they are able to see, but I am telling you all, you too could be counted among My saints who are fit to see Me if you allowed My Holy Spirit to pass through you to shatter all your impurities, and once purity is acquired, the vision of Myself will be given you;

ah, generation, from the very beginning We created you in the image of Our Own Nature, saying: “let Us make mankind in Our Own Image, in the likeness of Ourselves;” but, as you know, the devil, in his envy and his hatred of Me and you, brought you all to face Death; Winter has passed though and Spring Himself came to earth and redeemed you to clothe you once more with His Glorious and Divine Beauty; what have you to fear then?

– now, come all you who desire Me and throng round Me; come and listen to this Ode coming from the reservoirs of Heaven…

blessed is the one who embraces Me, I will fortify him in our union… today, I am stepping out of the highest heaven, to call you and become one with Me; I am giving Myself to you to discover My greatness and My Divinity; it is the mystical union between the Creator and His creature; the Bridegroom, who is your King as well, invites you to wed Him; just like a bridegroom stepping out of his golden pavilion, shining like a sun with graciousness, shimmering in his light, I step out of heaven to invite you into the Golden Chamber of My Heart, that is My Bosom and Love;

you, who never understood the depths of My Divine Love, nor that My Heart is your nuptial bed, come and learn My language… I am inviting your delicate soul to enjoy My sweetness; My desire, and I would add, My thirst, is to save you and lift you to ascend in heaven where you belong;

come to Me, My own, in the Golden Chamber of My Bosom and I will grant your soul the sight of My Holy Face; beloved, to have heard Me is to be reborn; to have seen Me is to be; what better offer than someone offering you eternal bliss in a life spent with Me? and for all eternity? in the Abyss of My Mercy I can wash you from every stain and purify you from all your sins, in order to obtain My heritage. ..

in order to be becomingly adorned and fragranced and worthy to enter in the Nuptial Chamber of the Divine and espouse Him I must transform you to be like the morning star, like the moon at the full, like the rainbow gleaming against brilliant clouds; when My Holy Spirit will put on you the splendid Garment, you will be like a bunch of myrrh, like roses in springtime; when you will be clothed with Christ Himself, your wedding gown, you will be dressed in glorious perfection, ready to go up to the holy altar2 to meet your Bridegroom, where Divine Grace will lead you to be… I will grant you then, My own, the sight of My Divine Face; although you will still be on earth, you will be in Me, and having been giving a vision of Myself, your heart will rise in heaven in the Divine Light, on the wings of Divine Love and Religion, realising that the One who stands before you, in His ineffable glorious Beauty, is none other than your Creator and Bridegroom; and you, in wonder and in your ravishment, will cry out to Me:

“what Sovereignty! what awesome Majesty is this that my heart experiences? Mystery of all creation, O Rider of the skies, Figure of Wonder, wholly beautiful, the very moon lacks brightness in Your Glory, my Lord; and the stars seem unclean in front of Your resplendent stature; unrivalled and unparalleled, covered with sapphires, Your Glory is beyond compare; sweet is the melody of Your Voice; under Your Tongue, honey and milk; deep in Your Eyes, two dazzling rays of light; but how am I considered deemed to enter in Your Royal Chamber, O Sovereignty? how am I deemed to be so privileged to be so blessed as to be soon united and one with the Almighty God? my soul now is sated with delight; here You are, on Your golden canopy covering Your Royal Throne, inviting me, the unworthy one, calling me to Yourself in Your lordly style, and I, trembling and faint, totally defeated and wounded by Your Divine Gaze on me, am losing all my memory of the world, in front of this wondrous sight that You, in Your exuberant Love are giving me; in Your graciousness You laid out for me an ardent path leading my feet to You; with the most fervent desire now, to be joined to my Beloved, passionately I will fly like a dove in Your Embrace and melt, fading away in Your radiant Light and becoming light myself;”

then your King, overflowing with Love, will lean forward towards His bride and will hold gently her head, reposing it on His Bosom, saying in a melodious Voice these words to you: “Now I am holding you fast;” while a ray of radiant light would stream out of My Mouth and cover you…

“I am giving Myself to you to possess Me and discover Me within your heart, My own; discover Me in My transcendent Light and you will shine on every one of your members like Moses’ face shone upon seeing Me face to face; come forward and I will shine on each one of your members;”

ah, blessed is the one who embraces Me, for he will be like fire and incense in the censer, like a vessel of beaten gold encrusted with every kind of precious stone at the brilliance of My Majesty; this is the very moment I prepared for all of you from the beginning of your creation:

the Nuptial Chamber where I lead every soul
to take part in My Mystical Marriage…

this glorious manifestation from heaven is revealed to you to hallow you and make a saint out of you upon seeing the grandeur of your Triune God; may your soul rejoice in the mercy of the Lord;

and now I tell My bride: “beloved, do not fear, you will not die even though the rays of My Gaze upon you wounded you feeling faint, for I, who am Life, am holding you fast now, and will not let you go; see? winter is passed, the rains are over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, the season of bridal ceremonies has come; did you not know that you are of royal descent and that your King has been waiting for you?

“enamoured of My bride, I look at the gift of My Hands; I look at Myself within you and what I see delights Me; I look once more on that which is now My Property, My Vineyard, My Garden; I look at My own seed, the bone of My Bone, the flesh of My Flesh, and although I look at the wound My great Love inflicted on you that made you ascend into the highest heaven, I rejoice at the flower? 3 the permanent mark My Love left on you… this wound is the mark of the promised land, of the discovery of the pearl, this is the sign of My exuberant Love, the sign of your resurrection, the sign of the empty tomb;

“what your eyes now are witnessing in front of you, is Virtue on His Throne; beloved and fragrant oil of My Heart, My enamourous friendship will sweeten and comfort your soul; wedded at last! come now in My Embrace and contemplate My Light, My Heart, My Wealth, My Mercy, enriching and brightening your soul, becoming greater than all the kings and their kingdoms; your sole ambition from now on should be to plead for others in My Presence, making entreaties for their sins; being united with Me, you will be filled with the spirit of understanding and will shower forth on this generation words of wisdom;

“then, reposing still in My Embrace, at dawn, you will resort with all your heart to the One who created you; you will give thanks to the One who perfumed you with myrrh; near Me and in My Embrace you will grow upright in purpose and learning; you will ponder in all My hidden mysteries and upon the angelic Virtue of dispassion; then, now and then I will send you out to the world to display the instructions you have received; modelled now in My Heart you will obtain a new mind; My Will will be known to you and you would know what is good, for I will be your guide; I and you will be partners; so enter into partnership with Me to go together, to the regions underground, to those who go down to the pit, and deliver them, so that they in their turn get to know Me, their God; see?

“I will teach My dove to soar the skies perfuming the nations, and still dripping with balsam and myrrh, from My Embrace, your lips will be singing to your own citizens regardless of colour or race, the Odes of the Divine; your lips moist with grace will sing to the tune of integrity and religion, and according to the Divine Law of Love and Redemption, while covering the citizens with balsam and myrrh; you will supply them from the reserves of heaven;”

creation, I have created you to fill your heart with My sweetness and My Divine Love; I have anointed your heart by breathing in you and made it in such a way that it should be able to contain and maintain the sublime Love and Sweetness of Myself; for My Love is better than life itself; I never deprive any heart of that joy of Myself, for having Me contained in your heart without any resistance from your part, the spiritual consolations become so embedded in you that your heart will only profit all the more of My sweetness, of My Love and of My Deity, leading you thus with strings of love into the filial path to rule with Me, your King; ruling with Me will put on the beauty of My Glory on you, while the angels and the whole celestial Court will wrap the cloak of My Integrity around you lifting you like a censer filled with incense to fragrance the earth;

but if I find a tepid heart, whatever Love and sweetness it contained at its birth, this heart will never be able to profit of My Presence; it would be as a cracked cistern that continuously seeps its content out, never holding them, and no matter how much one fills it, it will always run dry and will remain empty… such a heart is finally deprived of that joy known to My saints, for lack of faith and giving preferences on earthly indulgences and luxurious substances other than My spiritual wealth, these hearts after having been filled with My Presence, gradually lose Me, just like the liquid that would seep out of the cracks in the cistern; and Satan, seeing no resistance, envelops them then with his darkness;

therefore, you who have never tasted yet My sweetness but laid eternally in bitter gall, rise now and come forward for there is but one glory, one delight, one ineffable moment of joy that can become eternal, one ravishment of the soul, and that is: to see Me and taste Me your God;

yes, Vassula, your soul swooned the other day when I graciously appeared to you and while you were contemplating Me, the ground seemed to sway under your feet when My Glance fell on you, you were mesmerised; My appearance gave you a new mind and a new life; My sweet conversation with you, wedded you; My fragrance on you anointed you to join the procession of My Angels and Saints round My Presence and sing with them a hymn of thanksgiving, proclaiming all My wonders and My prodigies, loving My heavenly Courts, the place where My Glory makes its home;

He who once said: “let there be light in you,” My friend, the One who fills all things without being contained by their limits, invites you to refute all that is evil; today, your King, your Creator and your Bridegroom is offering you a great banquet; with largesse and prodigality I have by royal command given authority to all My Angels to go from North to South and from East to West and gather you all, announcing that the Triune God, in an ineffable way intends to transfigure His creation; these Angels are the Guardians of My Kingdom’s Threshold;

these will be the days in which your soul has to be prepared and arrayed for the Bridegroom; I display My Riches and splendour of My Kingdom and the Glory of My Majesty that belong to you to enjoy them; I descend on earth, as I said, as a Bridegroom in these days of darkness and gloom, of affliction and distress, oppression and great disturbances where demons are let loose to go in all directions and deceive not only the wretched and the impure of heart but also the elite; O blessed renewal! O blessed transfiguration! captives today, but free tomorrow…

I tell you truly, that you too will join the procession round the altar together with My Angels and Saints if you are open to My Will, allowing in this way to be led into the King’s Royal Chamber with the Angels and Saints in your train; these Guardians of My Kingdom’s Threshold then in one voice will cry out: “gate, raise your arch, rise, you glorious door, let the bride in! the King of Glory, the Ruler of nations who reigns for ever, her Beloved, is waiting for His bride;”

having then passed the King’s Threshold, you will find yourself standing in the presence of the King of Glory, the Fortress of your life, the most handsome; Loyalty and Nobility are His insignia; your Bridegroom seated on His Royal Throne, with a gold Sceptre glittering in His Hand, dressed in all His robes of Glory covered with gold and sapphires, a formidable sight, will raise His Face at the sound of your step, and afire with majesty will say:

“come to Me, and receive Me as I will receive you; I will beautify you in My Embrace, with greatness and splendour; intimate knowledge of Myself and honour of your God will be arrayed on you, adorning your soul and perfecting it; now you are to take part in our spiritual marriage, in this Divine Union in which you will obtain ineffable blessings that surpass any blessedness;”

if you will be open to My Will, this is what will happen; generation, I put My Love before your eyes and although My Love is beyond human understanding, come, pause for a while and reflect and know that I am God, but Father as well; I do not speak with rigid formulations, this is not the way I make Saints and Martyrs; My sweet converse to you is virtue and religion; I address My Odes with no sword by My side; My Divine Mysteries are loveable and are revealed to you with oil of gladness; although I have seen your wretchedness and known the miseries of your soul, I have not turned My Face from you, but rather, with Love I remember you; goodness and kindness are the paths I choose for you for My paths are Love and Truth; for the sake of My Holy Name, I revived your soul, daughter, and pardoned your guilt; I have put by your side, Virtue and Integrity to be your joyful Companions; to enjoy Me, beloved, and walk in My Presence with Me in the land of the living, I offered you to acquire Wisdom and willingly arrayed your body with My transcendent Light;

it is written: “happy the man You choose, whom You invite to live in Your Courts;” 4 indeed, for the one who is invited is no longer alone; those who were alone are now in Me and blessed; they have renounced the world, their friends and their relatives, detaching themselves for My Glory; (it gives Me more glory and I receive more honour when the detachment comes from people who are living out in the world with so much temptation encircling them, but by their own free will turn their back to all those evils and willingly offer their will to Me); 5

– I secure in My Divine Light
all those who are in Me; –

come and listen to My Odes all you who fear Me; have you ever heard anytime that I have forgotten to show Mercy, or that My anger had overcome My Tenderness? all I do is done in faithfulness and justice;

under the eyes of your enemies I encircled you in My Embrace, Vassula, shame on your aggressors, shame on them who fill their heart with wicked fury envying you because My Eyes were upon you producing light within you; drawing you in My Footsteps infuriated them, whispering My amorous Odes in your ear were reasons for them to assail you; but I made you like a gazelle, leaping on the mountains and free, I have made your heart as a lily, free from worry; I conferred My blessings on you, lifting you from the dust, offering you an everlasting place in the Golden Chamber of My Heart; these will have to drink one day from their own bitter cup filled with venom;

so now let My Words console you, let them be like a balm upon you; bow your ear now and receive My song: Royal Dignity had set His Eyes on you before you were born6 to show you and through you My Glory and the way to My Kingdom, a marvellous road! and since then I became your starlight through the night of your soul and the sunshine through the day… My all-powerful Hand did not lack means in distributing My gifts to you, yet your people7 defied My gifts and measured Me;

I govern with great lenience to enlighten, to instruct, and in great abundance pour anointed oil on the head of those I choose causing utterances of prophetic oracles, mysteries that are hidden from the learned and the wise; to wish to destroy and martyrise the soul that I love and favoured and that I filled with mysterious sayings, noble songs and royal odes, I tell you who scheme evil: your own wickedness will be punishing you; and I will recall these oppressors their infamous sins on Judgment Day;

I am the Ruler of your spirit and no one would be able to shake you ever; Our sweet conversation with you will continue, surging great fountains within your heart, and together, My beloved one, we will spread My delicate fragrance around the world, perfuming nation after nation; then one can say: “winter is past, the rains are over and gone, the flowers appear on earth;” see? this is the reason why I have you enclosed in My Heart in which you can receive consoling caresses from Me, but wait and see how much more will you be consoled in heaven in My Kingdom for every aggression done on you! everything is measured… in the Royal Chamber of My Heart, My nard will continue to yield its perfume on your heart and the bitter air you had inhaled from your accusers will evaporate quickly giving you tranquillity and peace of mind; consoled thus by the aromatic scents you will never leave My Royal Heart, ever… more than ever you will attach yourself to Me, to the true God;

– tell Me now, where will you rest at noon?

I will rest in the Golden Chamber of Your Heart;

tell Me, let me know My beloved, where will you rest in the evening?

I will rest in the Golden Chamber of Your Royal Heart…

and where will you rest for the rest of your life?

I will take my rest in the Golden Chamber of Your Royal Heart,

I will, Lord, Father, Bridegroom and Lover of mankind,
put my roots in Your Heart;
I will follow the tracks of Your Royal Heart,
where one forgets oneself in contemplation of You…

Lord! Your Love is a Liturgy to mankind;
Sovereign Ruler, in Your Mercy
You deemed to shroud me in Your radiant Light,
dissipating not only darkness but vice as well;

God Almighty,
You who hold the universe in the palm of Your Hand,
I am not only amazed, but totally defeated
when You adapt Yourself, without any incongruity, to me and my like!
Instead of casting me away,
in Your Loving Kindness You cover my soul with bridal gifts,
distilled from the reserves of Heaven;

then, in Your exuberant Love,
You join Yourself to me in a spiritual Divine marriage,
experiencing the flavour of Your kisses
that surpass the fragrance of myrrh and frankincense
and every aromatic scent;
my soul, thus in Your embrace, says to everyone:

“you too can obtain the same graces and undeserved gifts
if you decide to spend a life in God;
seated as well on His Lap, cleaved on His Royal Heart,
clinging on His perfumed Vestments,
while delighting in His embrace,
in profound meditation and lost in contemplation
in His ineffable Beauty…
your soul will be sated in His Blessedness,
transcending any delight, any sweetness, any glory;”

in His favour,
diligently I was permitted to learn the Alphabet of the Divine…

for this is My sweet Doctrine, My Dialogue; the Doctrine and Dialogue that should be instructed to all mankind; I wish to remind you all of My Language and re-educate you; such as these Odes the human heart should learn, for the Wisdom and the sacred meaning of Truth lie within My Royal Heart;

(This long message took several days to be written)

2 Could be understood as the nuptial chamber as well.
3 Flower stands for wound in this text.
5 This part in brackets was said to me as one who wishes to confide something to his friend, like if someone says: “by the way…”
7 Some of the Orthodox hierarchy.