January 17, 2003

Eternal Joy of our hearts,
Revealer of the Truth, Essence of Faithfulness,
Indescribable Meekness, Kin to mankind,
Divine Illumination of our heart,
Sweetness of our soul,
Unutterable Joy of our being,
Divine Being for our being,
Enlightenment of our eyes,
Allow our wretched soul to derive nourishment
from all Your Divine Sayings
to strengthen us in compunction and meekness;

pupil, yes, ask for the grace of compunction, through the act of compunction the soul is led into a real metanoia; 1 bone of My Bone, flesh of My Flesh, allow Me to increase My rights in you to decrease everything that can interfere with My rights; in other words, allow Me to augment in you to fill where you lack; I want you to be found worthy of My Kingdom;

I have taken you as a tribute, grow, pupil, in your patience and tolerance, for I will complete in these two virtues all that you have been taught in your schooling with Me through faith; I have been sending you the Holy Spirit to teach you My Word and the holy saying from Wisdom; I have made My Message known and I have spread it easily because I had found no resistance from you, although ahead of you were interferences of evil and deluded spirits attacking you, for never having grasped in their resistance the Love of the Truth that could have opened their eyes, but even then, you glorified Me;

yes, even today these people’s vain glory is like a veil over their minds; their veil shall remain, unless they turn to Me and repent; their unreasonable and increasing reticence and fear of becoming deluded or being deceived has dulled their minds; they witness the bright light inundating from my Odes, yet even then, they wary for the wrong things, while that which should make them keep a wary eye, on elements that truly endanger My Church and its community, in their obscurity they fail to seize the Truth that could radiate the light of Knowledge of God and permeate all beings; the entire world is filled with error and the people are surprised of My Presence? they trample on My Body, am I not to react? I shall soon descend like the sun of Justice upon them;

and you, pupil, who are part of Me, I will use all the resources I have embedded in you to consolidate My Church, but also to draw venerable men2 into the Path of reconciliation; ic;

1 Repentance.

2 Jesus means non-Christians but good in spirit; inter-religious dialogues.