June 1, 2002

It was You, Beloved Father, who created my inmost self …

and I have said: I will bless her inmost self with riches that come from Me; I will then be like a lamp for My anointed providing her inmost self with Our radiant Presence; “here, My Son and I will stay for ever, for this is the home We have chosen to abide;”

oh come! you who serve Me, serving My House, approach Me and delight Me; come and learn: it is written that if you sin, you still are Mine, since you acknowledge My power, but, knowing that I acknowledge you truly as Mine, you will not sin; therefore, to acknowledge Me is indeed the perfect virtue; to know My power is the root of immortality; I wish that this saying becomes the theme of everyone;

I have, My Vassula, been your Counsellor but Friend as well all these years, and even during the night I instructed your inmost self, giving your soul unbounded joy with My Presence; I have trained you with unbounded love to raise your eyes constantly on My luminous Presence and to no one else; I am and have always been your only Spiritual Director and Counsellor, giving your soul directives from Wisdom, I have not sent you eastward or westward, nor have I sent you to the north or to the south to look for spiritual guidance, for what better guidance given than by Myself? I was the only one who could peer through the shadowed darkness of your soul, to pronounce a true verdict to your inmost self and draw your attention to your disease; well then, have I not made you renounce to your rebellion towards Me? have I not traced out a path for you to take with My Name as your insignia and to follow My Footsteps so that you do not swerve while you walk?

Yes Lord; I have tried to keep every commandment of Your Lips;
it is written that there is a River whose streams refresh the city of God,
and that it sanctifies the dwelling of the Most High;
God is inside the city, she can never fall,
at crack of dawn God helps her;
to the roaring of nations and tottering of Kingdoms,
when He shouts, the world disintegrates … 1

Your Holy Spirit is that River
who constantly sanctifies the soul, our inmost self
which belongs to You, my God …

My ear I open and remain silent for a while,
for the Great King to come with power
and graciously give His divine instructions,
instructions that do not impose disorder in Your Law;
so let the earth rejoice,
let the people of the earth exult
and cry out for joy as the King passes by us
to judge the earth with justice and the nations with His Truth;

acclaim the Rock of our safety,
and let us gather in His Presence with thanksgiving;

I have given you direct access to My Heart to blossom, flower, and to keep giving Me thanksgivings; keep giving Me thanksgivings and I will take them as your sacrifice and they will honour Me …

know, My beloved one, that to proclaim My Name gives praise and glory to Me; I love you, Vassula; the dead cannot praise Me; they keep silent; the world can never bless My Triune Holiness; it keeps silent; shadows of death loom here and there; I am Present and My Power heals and saves, but, look at the world today, very few responded to grace and have not taken their refuge in Me, Yahweh; very few fear Me, Vassula; death is round the corner but even so, the world does not invoke My Holy Name; this generation refuses to walk with Me;

in the land of the dead I have sent you, where havoc and despair reigns in many hearts; although the noose of the evil one is evident now, still, the world in its apathy continues to hate My precepts; My Law is constantly being broken;

I lie awake throughout the night
to meditate upon all of this
and I cannot see the end of it;

If You were not so close to me, Yahweh,
guarding me, shading me, encircling me,
I would die of sorrow;

I lift my eyes to You with sorrow and sigh,
knowing that my home is in heaven,
yet I am on earth still;

I ask often to myself:
“what am I doing here on this earth
in which I don’t belong, nor to anyone?
I feel that I am lent out… I am lent out …”
I was by His side when He laid down His rules to me,
after having brought me from the land of oblivion and death,
to assign me into being;
out of the swamp He lifted my soul,
to reveal His Holy Face;

Then, You have sent me in Your Name,
not even thinking twice
that You might be cheapening Your Sceptre and Your Splendour;

You are crowning Your Works with Your bounty,
and abundance flows wherever You pass;
You load us with riches, You refine us like silver;

Christ marches with majesty across this desert,
and He makes the earth rock,
to announce His imminent return;

But the people have not understood;
some say: “Christ is coming in flesh and bone”;
others argue groundlessly,
“God will come and smash the heads of His enemies;”
– but they have not understood the Psalms …

Like the phantoms of a midnight dream, they wonder;
in the beginning too I had simply failed to understand,
even though I was constantly in Your Presence;
even when You held my right hand to write;

It is written: “The Lord gives His couriers the news …”
and so He does …

When God’s Footsteps approach and are heard,
the virtuous rejoice, exulting and singing for joy;
they say: “build a road for the Rider of the Clouds,
rejoice in Christ, exult at His coming!”

At Noah’s time the heavens deluged at Your coming …
at the coming of God …
but had not seen You in flesh and bone …

And now, the earth will be put aflame with Your Son’s return;
at the coming of God …
Christ will descend from the heights;

Just as thousands of myriads of divine chariots
You, Lord, had left Sinai for Your sanctuary;
David said: “God, You have ascended to the height, and captured prisoners,
You have taken men as tribute,
yes, taken rebels to Your dwelling, Yahweh …” 2
but they had not seen You in flesh and bone …
yet You were there …

When You approach the virtuous and they rejoice,
they do not see You in flesh and bone …
but You are there;

When You had set Yourself then at the head of Your people,
and marched across the desert,
You did not come in flesh and bone …
yet You were there …

and so it will be when Christ, in our days,
declares that His Return is imminent …
the heavens and the earth will be set aflame
and He shall turn the hearts of fathers towards their children
and the hearts of children towards their fathers …
yet, no one will see You in Flesh and Bone …
Love will return as love …
for all of us will be in the True God,
Consuming Fire, Triune and Holy …

3 you have now given a spiritual testament; this will be the road of My imminent return … My return will renew you and free many of you from your transgression; when the renewal takes place many will be vested with Myself and all the saints and angels will give thanks for the gift of My Holy Spirit;

what is the Day of the Lord? those who have and are persistently rebelling against Me will taste that Day and all it bears; it will come upon those transgressors as sudden as a thunderbolt, and like a fearful fire they will be turned into human torches; yes, the earth, as you said, will be set aflame and their consciousness will be revealed to them as a revelation; My divine fire will turn the inflexible heart into a lenient heart in My Day; the earth in agony will become fully aware in consciousness and soul, of its failures and its deficiency, its corruptibility, and its lawlessness and not to say the least, the infamous rejection of My Resurrection and My Omnipresence in your daily life;

heaven will open in My Day, and those who rejected Me, proclaiming themselves as gods will be judged severely;

can anyone say that I have not been instructing you all these years? have I not affirmed My might all these years by wonders? have you ever measured the magnificence of My Triune Holiness and the inexpressible grandeur of My Name? have you ever asserted My greatness or proclaimed My fearful splendour and power? I tell you: woe to anyone who finds himself without My Light in My Day … these I will purge with My Fire;

as for those who kept My precepts and My Law based on love, and who are the salt of the earth, they shall not be tested by fire, since I am their God, and have acknowledged Me as the principal of their life; they have already been tested, and are part of Me now and constantly within My Divine Light in union with the Godhead; and as you said, daughter, at Noah’s time the heavens deluged at My coming; and now the earth will be tested and put aflame by fire;

My Day is imminent, and woe to the corpses on that Day of My Return; 4 alas too for those who centred their lives on material things, when My Day comes; My appearance will be fire; already My Footsteps are heard and My Footprints seen by many; when I reveal Myself to those who did not acknowledge Me, when in these times of grace I presented Myself as Mercy and as a Lamp, I will reveal Myself then as a consuming Fire;

why, did anyone believe I will pass by unnoticed? and do you still believe the Master will pass you by without any retribution? it is, therefore, good to repent daily; and you, who are carrying My seed, sing as you sow, daughter, do not look behind you; as I have instructed you, theology is the contemplation to Me, your God, this is your spiritual foundation; on this foundation then are built different levels; one level contains the Knowledge of God; this Knowledge of God is acquired through Wisdom and not from books; without the Light of the Holy Spirit, God will not be knowledgeable to you but will remain hidden; yes, it is not the fruit of the intellectual mind but a divine infusion, given by grace into the soul who has been transfigured to love; in another level you find poverty of the soul; this soul is the carrier of the Word because in its poverty, the soul possesses Me, and My Kingdom is hers; in the nothingness of such a soul, I solely exist; 5 I solely am her Master and all …

then, on that same spiritual foundation, there are other levels; there is a level of which a Divine union between the creature and the Creator takes place; captivated by the Godhead’s Perfect and Divine Beauty, the soul voluntarily succumbs into God’s fiery embrace; at this Divine conquest by the Creator, for a conquest and a triumph it is, I invade the soul entirely and with delight I unveil just barely, so as not to frighten her, My Holy Face to her; the soul, upon seeing, even though in a dim light, My Holy Face, she realises, in her awakening that she does not stand far from the confines of the eternal and the beatific vision; bewildered and trembling to have seen My Glory and aware of the luminous light that suddenly surrounds her, she joins voluntarily and intertwines herself with Me, becoming one with Me, her God and Creator …

in the soul’s total surrender, I who am the Giver of Light, the Giver of Life, the Giver of Love and the Giver of all Gifts, bring her into all these Divine enrichments while I would be addressing her soul in poetry and religion; ah, Vassula, what then will I not do for that soul! Wisdom will be her daily companion, her crown of joy;

it is written: any soul who fears the Lord, this soul “will be received like a virgin bride;” 6 after having abandoned herself, soul and body, to Me, her Creator, and being now part of Me; I then, as a Spouse who delights in his bride, will see to it that she would lack nothing; I will start, in the next level, providing her so impoverished soul, and will at the same time, give her an oath to keep, after having prepared her in a sublime way, and that would be to follow the Spouse unconditionally; accompanying Me wherever I go;

then as a Spouse who loves his bride, I will express My Divine Love by adorning My bride with the most exquisite jewels that cannot be found on earth, but that come from the stores of heaven; I will, in My intimate union, adorn her with Myself invigorating her soul, thus, to a mutual faithfulness and understanding between us; suddenly, the whole world would fade away in front of her eyes; she has found her freedom … she has found her God … and in this flight into freedom she will declare:

“the world now is an exile, I am not in it but neither am I near it; my soul, Lover of mankind, is overcome with an incessant longing for Your rulings; now, Beloved of my soul, I am ready and my heart is set to follow You unconditionally;”

and I will respond: “walk with Me, and I will school you in My rules of righteousness; I will be your Educator and no one else; I will whisper in your ear the history of all invisible things and inaccessible yet becoming visible and accessible through the Divine teachings of your Master; the Word of Life will be offered to you, freely …”

after having been schooled with righteousness I shall lift your soul to the next level; the level in which before your birth you were called, this one in which the Holy Spirit elevates you with His grace to be part of My Salvific Plan, and makes out of you an apostle; I will show you at that level the way I had taken for My Passion; since you would be serving Me, you would serve Me with passion; I would send you to patrol the world and proclaim the Truth; I would ask you to christianise this dechristianised generation and destroy the tower of Babel, bringing all the apostates in there who were worshipping Baal to repent; all of this you will do with My Cross in one hand and the rosary in the other …

and you, daughter, as you are carrying My seed, keep seeding vigorously; do I not know all that you say? let Me confide you this: like torrents of water My Tears swell in My Eyes to see you struggling among dried up and scattered bones; as any father who would see this image of gloom of his offspring and would suffer, I too, as a Father to you, suffer; this image afflicts Me when I watch the child I have raised up in My Kingly Courts to be plagued7 by the dead in the valley of death; your heritage is in the land of the living, but I have created you and instructed you with holy Wisdom to teach mankind all over again My acts of power and the majestic glory of My Sovereignty! to remind them that I act only out of Love and Mercy; in that matter any scourge falling on this generation is no more than the reproofs of Mercy;

Lord, it is written that You have only to Will and Your power is there …

it is also written that after sin I will grant repentance; I have, in My great benevolence, placed the salutary remedy of repentance into a renewed heart that will show Me great fervour and truthfulness while repenting; indeed, everyone finds the treasure of intimacy with Me as soon as this humble act is done; in the treasure of intimacy they discover My friendship; the greater the repentant is sincere, the greater My friendship; each word uttered in truthfulness draws My friendship closer, for My friendship ensues in proportion to his repentance;

it is written: “when I uttered my cry to Him and high praise was on my tongue, had I been guilty in my heart, the Lord would never have heard me; but God not only heard me, He listened to my prayer …” 8

everybody who desires salvation will feel the need to repent and I will listen to his repentance; the wage paid by sin is death; sin is similar to a poison inside you and the longer it remains inside you, the sicker you become, drawing you closer to death; the more you do not purge it out of your system all the more you risk to die; you may be freed and healed from the poison of sin if you humble yourself and realise that the only remedy to purge your sins is through repentance;

tell Me: who of you would risk his life had he discovered he had swallowed poison and remained inert and done nothing about it? to be cured of this deadly potion you will have to lower your head and admit you are a sinner, offering Me your repentance, then all the bitterness of the poison will be purged out including the serpent itself which you had been nurturing inside your entrails all through your life, 9 and being set free, I will replace those evils by My sweetness … yes, once those evils out, you will recover, and once recovered you will not be an alien to My Law; willingly you will turn your back to the world because in front of you, you will see My Glory and My Splendour; the sight of My radiant Presence will be shining within and without you;

it is written: “you were dead, through the crimes and the sins in which you used to live when you were following the way of this world, obeying the ruler who governs the air, 10 the spirit who is at work in the rebellious …” 11 but now after your repentance and through grace shown to you I brought you to life in Me …

I will reveal then in My smiles, the path of life to you; you will not be walking on hot coals anymore but on sapphires; the inexpressible and inaccessible God you once thought, will give you unbounded joy in your heart while expressing His Joy to you: “once you were like a field that grew nothing but brambles and thistles, practically uninhabited and cursed; but now, with Me, you will be like a field of My choice, watered by the springs of the Holy Spirit and you will give the crops that are acceptable to Me;” 12

as I have said before, to acknowledge Me is the perfect virtue; today the world has no place for Me and My place is occupied by dross; rebels and sinners are roaming everywhere, and their deeds and words affront My Triune Holiness; in their insolence they believe that My place should be occupied partly by a sort of self-realisation and partly by an eagerness to perform only evil, refusing in their insolence to acknowledge My glorious Presence; instead, the world walks on its own and glorifies itself, praising and honouring its achievements, playing God … they believe they know everything but in reality they know nothing; so long as they do not know Me from the good things that are all around them and so long as they have not discovered Me, they will remain inert like corpses …

people in your days are in search of false gods, 13 following all sorts of paganistic systems, 14 to obtain knowledge and power they think; then the world is ever so charmed by the beauty of crystals, the beauty of leaves, elements that they place above My Omnipotence, since they ask from these healing powers, instead of the gracious and healing power of My Holy Spirit; if they are impressed by their shape15 let them deduce from these how much mightier is He that has formed the crystals, the leaves and the like, the Author of them all!

even if these16 are in reality in search of My Presence, and in their eagerness have fallen prey to the Deceiver and led astray, even so, they are not without any sin, and are guilty of their inadequacy; if they are able to investigate the energies, its contents, the world and the cosmos, how have they been so slow to find the Author and Master of them all?

but Satan is deceiving the world once more with the same lie he deceived Eve … that they too can be God17 and are self-sufficient and do not need Me …

(Then the Father turned to me and said:)

I will renew your mouth, Vassula, to put into record all My sayings and recount all My marvels; realise how I, Yahweh, have leaned down all the way from above to clothe you and everyone else who turned an ear to Me as well, with majesty and splendour; I wished to revive the faith of this generation, curing your so deplorable state, with tenderness and compassion;

let your hands be renewed as well to bless in My Name, let your right hand that I blessed be the organ of My House, the musical instrument through which many would hear the sound of My Words; play music to My Name and sing for joy in the shadow of My wings;

ah, Vassula, then let your ears be renewed to hear Wisdom uttering her proverbs, sanctifying you as you listen, uttering discernment and knowledge of the Triune God; citadel of Mine, dearest of My Heart, remain loyal to Me and My grace will continue to be upon you; remember your origin …

the brilliance of My Majesty is upon you; courage! do not be afraid;

(This message ended only on August 7, 2002.)

3 Now, Christ speaks.
4 This ‘Return’ is not the actual Parousia but the Day of the Lord is to be understood as a minor judgement before the Judgement Day. It is a sort of Purification for a Renewal; it has started but in small phases.
5 Dwell.
7 ‘Plagued’ here stands for harassed.
9 This whole image of ‘poison’ and ‘serpent’ within oneself and the purge through repentance, reminds me of the possessed who at delivery, vomit out nails, sometimes pieces of glass, steel-wire and other things.
10 Satan.
13 Religions.
14 Like bio energetic exercises …
15 The crystals.
16 The people.