February 12, 2000

From Your Palace,
Yahweh my King, but Father as well,
You watered me until my parched land
has had all that Your Heavens have to offer;

You use the winds as messengers
and fiery flames as servants
to proclaim to every race Your Glory
and the greatness of Your Name;

Yes! and I will continue to recite Your marvels
one by one in poetry,
for I have committed myself to You ….

1 peace, My child; all I have given you comes from Holy Wisdom; this is the way I have always worked with My prophets; I spoke and they believed; bathed constantly in My Light they dwell in My Will; knowing their human frailty, My Eyes, as a mother who watches over her babe, watch over My chosen ones to keep them away from transgressing into worldly inclinations; then in My great benevolence, but with delight as well, I grant them special favours to prepare them for their task, a task that is usually beyond their human capacity; I grant them My protection, sheltering them underneath My wings, 2 and you who I have raised for a purpose and on whom I have engraved My Holy Name, I will supply you with all the needs to make the lions and the dragons roar from fear, for they will know that I Am is with you;

My all-powerful Hand does not lack means of protection, so to protect My Holy Name engraved on you now, I have you encircled with My Arms, just as one encircles his property with a fence from intruders, I have you encircled; what champion can dare come now to confront Me and challenge My choice? Prodigy Himself stooped from above to enliven this dying generation, showing My Sovereign power, but mercy as well through My Divine Work in you in a most ineffable manner; I have poured drop by drop, like distilled myrrh, My Wisdom into your ear to open your hearing;

ah, 3 what delights I gathered while performing this prodigy of prodigies! what divine pleasure I obtained from My benevolent act of Mercy, foreseeing that restoration was close at hand! what joy and gladness filled My Heart while I was freeing you from your misery and from the bondage of evil, drawing you near Me instead to become a child who will ever be at play with Me; then so as to fix your eyes on My royal dignity and that you commemorate our espousals for ever, I placed the sweetest kisses upon those lips which would glorify My Name, increasing your attention on My supreme sweetness, and so that I hear you say: “the Lord God has espoused me, adorning my soul with Himself, oh how very pleasing it is to our Lord when a soul is supple and willing, for His impenetrable Wisdom will find its way in her4 and draw her ever completely in Him;”

Scriptures say: “happy the man whom You choose, whom You invite to live in Your courts;” 5 yes, happy is he, for I fill My chosen one with good things of My House and these good things are holy instructions coming from My Mouth; I then adorn My prophet with celestial riches and splendour which are the virtues;

My temple I want holy and pure, My altar I want unblemished and sparkling like a thousand gems; I turn his tongue like a double-edged sword to go out and speak against all pride and arrogance, against all the lofty speakers, against all human pride, against all that is highly thought of by men, against injustice and against all that contradicts My Law of Love;

I take pleasure in My dwelling place6 for My Spirit rests on him who is to borne My Word; wedded with the Truth, My prophet is sent out as My royal ambassador in every vile corner of this earth to hymn to you: righteousness, kindness, holiness, virtue and reminding all of you of My Ways; reminding every man from all ranks that:

– Unction of the poor in spirit, I Am;
– Guarantor of your well-being, I Am;
– Luminous Godhead and Source of Sublime Love, I Am;
– Sovereign and Bridegroom of all creation, I Am;
– Restorer and Lamp of body and soul, I Am;
– Consoler of the persecuted in the cause of right, I Am;

– Balm and Ointment of the sick and the dying, I Am; and that I am your Lord and God but your Friend, your Companion and your Father as well;

I am, generation, ceaselessly giving Myself to you, to perfect your image which you have so deformed and sullied by all your evil doings, your sins and your obstinate resistance to acknowledge Me as your Father; and if I am ceaselessly giving Myself to you, it is so as to elevate you by grace and that through grace your sight may be restored to see the invisible things that never wear out; this is why I am raising prophets in My good Will with one utterance from My Mouth to join them to My Heart;

I, the Luminous Godhead, had anticipated long before your creation this Great Apostasy; have I no right then to raise prophets? all heaven rejoices since in Our gracious condescension We took pity on your apathy; I have raised prophets to receive directly and at all times My celestial calls accompanied by a flow of graces; I share with them, in the proximity of their heart, all My Divine Works; I have and am, breathing inspirations from My Heart in their heart so that they faithfully testify; and if I scandalise through them many haughty people, it is because their7 ways are not My ways;

through My zeal for saving this generation, I have raised prophets and espoused them to Me; I taught them how to spend their time with Me, and how to share their life with Me while still on earth, according to the grace I have given them;

in these days I am descending together with My Son and My Holy Spirit as three Witnesses; I am Spirit, 8 in that I send My Holy Spirit of Truth9 to be with you forever and lead you to the complete Truth; think of My Mercy and worship Me;

the Word10 was with Me and He existed since the beginning; He who is nearest to My Heart has witnessed and made Me known to you; My Word testifies on earth as I and the Holy Spirit testify; My Son, Jesus Christ, who bought His Church with His Own Blood testifies with His Blood11 and the Holy Spirit who leads you to the complete Truth12 testifies with Water; 13 in all We are three Witnesses and all three of Us agree as We are One God alone, 14 with one Will, one Power and one Dominion; and you can attribute the Power, the Holy Wisdom and the Infinite Goodness to all three of Us;

Love compels Me to grant you, generation, the spirit of prophecy to some so that they carry out what I order them to do; they are fed with mouthfuls of honey15 and oil16 to proclaim the greatness of My Name; to keep them founded in the Truth and on intelligent reflection, I have many a time rebuked, corrected and taught them so that they become an unction to those I bring back into My House; I have instructed them with Holy Wisdom and Wisdom is entirely constituted by the fulfilling of the Law;

I have taught My prophets to contemplate Me in My Holiness allowing them and giving them access to My Nobility to rejoice in My direct Presence and taste My sweetness; therefore, the only theology, and I would strongly add, the only true theology is the contemplation of Me, your God, and a foretaste of the Beatific Vision; this is the true and holy theology; it is not the learned theologian who shifts his papers with his theology that turns him into a prophet to prophesy, but those I, Myself, anointed with the unction of My Love, embedding them well within My Heart to reach the interior Divine and extraordinary inspirations that lie in My Heart, to be pronounced like fire to My people;

ah, Vassula, and how many times I heard from the earth a trickling of amused laughter and arrogance, accompanied by complete resentment and deafness as well, when you correct them in My Name! yes, the sinners wave reproof aside, finding all sorts of excuses to do what they want;

I manifest, in a most ineffable manner, Myself to My prophets, yes, while they are still here on earth and they are aware of this grace; I array them with Myself, I array their nakedness, adorning them with Myself and they know it, they are conscious of My Divine Presence during contemplation;

I have anointed you to draw from My Heart all the divine inspirations for every need, to be given to My people as an unction and as a refreshing morning dew on a parched land; I have taught you by grace as well how to interpret My desires; I have said throughout this Divine Revelation, but as well as in former Revelations, that I, Myself, instruct My chosen ones, and I become their spiritual director, to teach them the way to go; I, for My part, celebrate My benevolence for bringing rescue to those I love and they, in turn, sing for joy the psalms of David in the shadow of My wings;

You crown those You love with Your bounty,
abundance of graces cover their heads;
Your cup overflows while You share it,
You immortalise them with Your Name,
You dress their soul with brocades of virtues;
so that Your Kingly Heart falls in love with their beauty;

yes, tell this lethargic generation that God is here; My Works are sublime and those who have recognised My Voice in these messages are blessed; those who delight in them are right to fix their eyes on them, because every Work coming out of My Merciful Hand is full of glory and majesty; I remind My people that prophecy is alive, since it comes from My Power that I wield, so why this arrogance from the nations? have you not heard that I personally pay them tribute with My direct intervention?

yes, indeed! and I hold them close to My Heart, as a mother holds preciously her child on her heart; in this manner too I hold My prophets close to My Heart and woe! woe to anyone who would dare stretch out their hand and try to touch them without My Authority!

be happy, Vassiliki, for My allowing you to walk in and out, and freely too, in My Heavenly Courts; may your soul rejoice in My Mercy; the Church is pining away in its great apostasy, an apostasy foretold but kept secret; was I then to remain silent too?

I will not keep silent as the devil wishes, no, but I will keep raising prophets to announce and denounce, to shine like a lamp where there is darkness; I teach them to be generous and gratify Me by lavishly responding to My Call while held in thought and contemplation in My enamoured Arms; I fill their mouth with worship and their spirit with joy; as the blood runs in one’s veins continuously with no exterior sound, so has My Holy Spirit, in this tranquil manner been teaching you, Vassula, with Wisdom, for your salvation and for those of others, and if I happened to admonish you now and then, it was for your spiritual growth and your own progress;

I had, since all eternity, foreseen this apostasy in the Church as well, but I had also foreseen My Salvific Plan in you, where I would descend from My Throne and address you in divine poetry My Love Theme and reveal to you and through you to others My loving intercession through My Infinite Mercy;

you lacked, generation, and I came to fill you, but you are not happy, because to this very day I am speaking, you are resenting My teachings; I came to heal your apostasy, and the contrite hearts heard Me; I came to raise your dead to get to know Me as their Father, through My Holy Spirit, and it is only through Him that Divine Knowledge can be obtained and disclosed to those We have chosen, since they have the Holy Spirit Himself as their Counsellor and Educator; for through Him and not through human knowledge are they17 given the grace into their intellect to perceive the Triune God and speak with Him; no adroit sort of cleverness coming from human reasoning can tell them they have not met Me; it is as though you would be telling them, ‘you are naked’ when they know they are dressed; I, Myself, have adorned them with Myself; but the devil took the best out of My dignitaries in the Church and held you responsible for doctrinal errors, whereas My repeated inspirations to you through the Holy Spirit should have made it clear to them, and they would have understood that it was a vehement temptation from the evil one;

Satan, jealous of all the gifts I am pouring out on this dying generation to save it, jealous of you, whom I have chosen, still dripping with heavenly dew from My Courts where you have been raised up to send out as My precious gift to all nations, enraged, he swore in his jealousy to destroy you by vomiting his venom over you to appear detestable, deformed, dangerous and ugly; but your Blessed Mother ran to your rescue and covered you with Her Mantle;

by grace I have raised you to call Me when you wished, a unique imperial gift that I seldom give to My chosen ones; 18 but Satan again in his jealousy drew many to ridicule you, while drawing them on his side; in spite of the good fruits I have amassed to offer them, even so, they went on challenging Me, rebelliously disregarding My fruits and My counsel, 19 and remain as perverse and disloyal as their ancestors’ sons, provoking Me with their high places;

then there are some who believed that I spoke, but even to those Satan gave a spirit of lethargy, a human adaptability to My Prodigies, in which with time, this spirit makes them lose their interest in My Prodigies, Prodigies that are a life-giving fountain, and which can lead them to Eternal Life;

you must have heard the parable of the sower; “when anyone hears the word of the kingdom without understanding, the evil one comes and carries off what was sown in his heart;” these people stand inert, stupefied, uncomprehending;

then you have those who raised a whole jubilee upon hearing through My messenger the echo of My Voice, welcoming My prophet with great joy, storming the other cities to announce that the word of the kingdom is being addressed to them anew, freely, and with power; but this enthusiasm quickly died out because in their heart, My word had found only patches of rock, and made no roots in them; with the first persecution on account of My word, or even a small trial coming their way, they could not last; no, they are not the ones who, when people will abuse them and speak all kinds of evils and calumny against them on account of My Name, would stand firm, since they never had any solid foundation; they will be the first to fall;

Sovereignty was not understood and was rejected …. and My ambassadors20 of peace weep bitterly over their parched hearts; Satan has sent his rage as well as he could, to destroy My gift21 to mankind; ploughmen, to set to work on your back, My Vassula, making furrows to break you; but My right Hand shattered their yoke into smithereens;

but listen to this, Vassula, I have brought your whole family out of the land of the blessed land of Egypt, where to this day the perfume of My Son, His Mother and Joseph the Just, still rises from that land all the way to heaven; already there I welcomed you, and swore an oath: “through this flower I will gather you together from different nations and different creeds and reveal to all of you My Fatherly Love and Mercy; through her frailty I will raise nations, renewing them by a spiritual revolution; I intend, through this flower, to display My Holiness for all the nations to see; and for those who give orders to My prophets not to prophesy, I will give a prodigious prophetic Call and an Order from My Throne on My Choice, anointing her so that she would not resist My Prophetic Call;”

Egypt! I raised a prophet from your land; you gave bread to My Son, so why should I not raise a prophet from you? from this prophet will issue My Word until the horns of the evil ones are revealed and exposed;

when I speak, who can refuse to prophesy? 22 do two friends take the road together if they had not planned to do so? 23 no more do I do anything without revealing My Plans to My prophets, 24 and so I have with you, Vassula, revealed not only My Plans but My Holy Countenance as well; and all I foretold has come true at the appropriate time; the Word of Life was given to you freely to adopt you and make you god by participation; but Satan again will visit the minds of My people, knowing their ignorance, to bring them to temptation to cast stones at you for My expression;

ah, if only the world would come to peace terms with My Triune Holiness, they would understand My sayings!

I promise you, and this is your Father in Heaven speaking to you, the One of whom you said once: “my Father in Heaven, I know, has a weakness for me, but I too have a weakness for Him;” says to you, burning with Divine Love: “I will continue to cover you with My Sweetness, graciously deploying in you, giving Myself more to you, and filling your soul like a sweet substance so that you in your turn would give more of yourself to Me, becoming in this way one spirit with Me, one spirit with the Divine; then I will once more send you out to the nations, as My adorned gift, to instruct them with kindness, drawing them to Us into a filial love, expanding their heart to receive more of Us and all that is Divine; then in this tranquillity which I will bring their soul, they will suddenly see everything in Our Light, overpowering Satan’s temptations; from thereon they too will be called ‘gods by participation’ and they will rule with Us;”

now, I have granted you and through you to others to understand your position; I restore nations through the sufferings and sacrifices of those whom I have chosen, although often they come to Me lamenting that they feel they have toiled in vain, and have exhausted themselves for nothing; they have done all that was ordered for them to do, glorifying Me, for they have been under My observance permanently, during their contemplation;

this true theology which lifts the souls, soaring them up in the third Heaven, giving them a foretaste of the Beatific Vision, during which, in a supernatural way, I speak to them, honouring them to see their inheritance and the inheritance of all the saints; and while they are reposing in My Arms I bless them, invigorating My Fire within them to go out with zeal and without fear to proclaim My Word;

Blessed is God and His Holy Name
for He reveals with bounty
His intentions to the winds who are His messengers;
wrapped in a robe of light,
His Majesty reveals to them His prowess;

I call in my wretchedness to my God thrice Holy
and like a gust of wind coming from nowhere
He flowers me while descending on me;
and I, like an opened flower, absorb His Divine Light;

God has sung to me and to all of you, dear brothers and sisters!
The One who is enthroned on the cherubs
has revealed His Mercy to us;
no one can say: “I have not seen
the saving power of our God in my house,”
for in His Presence are splendour and majesty;
for He comes, He comes to you all
not to judge you, not yet, but to deify you;

are you happy, Vassula?

I am, more than happy;
You planted me in Your House
and I flourished in Your Courts,
so that I proclaim Your Greatness,
so how could I not be happy in Your Arms?
no one will rob me of my happiness,
no persecution, no abuse, no calumny,
no insult and not even all hell
thrown on me to tear me to pieces
can rob me of the happiness You gave me
and continue to give me;
so let this earth learn who is God,
and praise His Name;

ah, blessed be Your Name, for ever!

and I will tell you this: I swore an oath to you on My Mercy and on My Faithfulness; so I will continue to uphold you in My right Hand, giving you with My Presence an unbounded joy and a foretaste of the Beatific Vision; and I will continue being your Counsellor and your happiness, My child; ravines may fold upon you and black clouds cover you, and clods of earth may cover you, but I assure you, you will go by unscathed, and My Light upon you will radiate even more powerfully;

be soothed with My Oil; I am determined to save this generation by parading My Mercy; so be happy all you who hear the melody of My Voice and have your fill in Me, your God;

1 Yahweh speaks.
2 An expression only.
3 God seemed delighted as He said ‘ah’.
4 The soul.
6 “Dwelling place” is used instead of the word “prophet”.
7 The haughty people.
8 Jn. 4:24. St. Paul too in 1 Co. 15:45 speaks of Christ as “life-giving Spirit”. The description “Spirit” in the biblical sense does not define God’s nature so much as it describes His life-giving activity. God is Spirit in that He gives the Spirit.
10 Jesus Christ.
11 With His Sacrifice we obtained Eternal Life.
12 Jn 16 : 12-13: Jesus says: “I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now; but when the Spirit of Truth comes He will lead you to the complete Truth …” It is a mistake to speak of an end to Revelation and treat it as a deposit of sentences. God is active and alive and will continue to show Himself through the Holy Spirit, never stopping in doing so. When one says in Latin, ‘complere’, it means that Christ is the full, complete revelation of God; and not that He will stop revealing Himself to mankind. The Holy Bible is the narrative testimony of Jesus Christ. It is NOT God’s last word.
13 With Baptism.
14 In the unity of essence.
15 Honey: represents Celestial Manna, the Word of God.
16 Oil: represents the Name of God (Sg. 1:3).
17 The prophets.
18 Our Lord, from the beginning, told me that I could call Him whenever I wished and He would reply always. And so He has, ever since, replied whenever I called to Him.
19 One can tell them by their fruits.
20 The prophets.
21 God means, me.