October 6, 1999

I lift my soul to the Lord,
to penetrate in the depths of my Father,
and taste His Sweetness;

My heart is too small though to understand wholly
the One who encompasses all beings,
and even smaller when it tries to understand
how He who transcends all ages and everything,
He who is sealed, and unattainable,
becomes to me unsealed and attainable, penetrable;
in His Perfect Charity
He allows me to experience His Sweetness
by radiating in my soul His Visitation;

Most Royal Prodigy of the Prodigies,
I love you, please speak to me ….

ah, Vassula, I am invisible by essence, yet I make Myself knowable to those I choose to make Myself knowable; have you ever grasped Me by your hand?

I did ….

how have you grasped your God?

I have,
in a vision it pleased You to give me,
grasped Your Hand;
Your left Hand to be more precise;
I felt Your Fingers,
and Your whole Hand is what we call: of an aristocrat;
fine and lengthy fingers.

Then, I grasped You in another way too,
my Beloved, I grasped Your Presence,
I grasped You to possess You;
I have drawn Your Mercy
through my very wretchedness,
and You, Lover of Mankind,
Mercy beyond comprehension,
approached me, and offered Yourself to me.

yes, for you have seen Me, not with your physical eye, but with the eye of your heart, and you have grasped Me in an invisible manner ….

the Spirit who is your Teacher and your Lamp, lifts you to My Celestial Courts to contemplate what eye has not seen, and hear what ear has not heard; I am your family; so rely on My Power;

I have made you joint-heiress to Us; god by participation in the Holy Spirit; this is addressed as well to everyone, who have died to themselves and united themselves to Us, becoming in this divine union of love joint-heirs, through the Holy Spirit;

I have, as I have said many times before, in My boundless love named you Paraskevi1 and My just herald, through grace alone; and as in the times of your ancestors, I have given you a spiritual gift, this of prophecy; I have commanded you to speak in My Name and proclaim without fear and with clarity all that I have been teaching you; I have set afire your soul to go forward and witness with ardour, enflaming other hearts to know Me; the Holy Spirit has been your remedy and the source of prophecy in these messages, but of all times too; it is He, who make you into gods by participation;

there is no better service given to Me than this one of bringing souls back to Me; do not lack confidence because this service alone is a divine sign that you alone are unable to accomplish if it were not through the Holy Spirit; this is exactly how the grace of the Holy Spirit is revealed; He alone gives you the possibilities to bring souls to Me;

I have, My so loved one, come to you repeatedly, not only as written words but as Power and as Holy Spirit in all Our Divinity, manifesting Ourselves as ever so present and as One in the Divine union of Our Oneness; when you faced great opposition all round you in Syros, have I abandoned you?2 this made you the great example of My Power to the rest of the Cyclades; which creature could impose itself on My Holiness and on My Power?

I, Myself, have suffered by My Own countrymen,3 so why are you surprised when you, who come from Me, suffer the same treatment? bear patiently as I bore patiently;

beloved, flesh of My Flesh, bone of My Bone, can you not see all the consolations I am giving you? My visit to you is not a day’s visit; My visit to you is eternal;4 in case you have forgotten, look again at your path My Father laid out for you: He laid out sapphire upon sapphire so that your feet walk on virtues only; stand firm and do not falter; no man will be able to demolish My fortress;5 I am living in this fortress and no man will be able to destroy My dwelling place; you have My word …. I will advance and you will follow; where the Spirit is, there is freedom and power;

today, the world has no eyes for heavenly things, this is why there is so much mistrust among the nations and no more freedom; the world believes in what it sees but these things last only for a time; go, My Vassula, and tell this decaying world all about those things that are invisible but eternal; radiate my Glory, the light has to be placed on the roof-tops, such an overwhelming light comes only from Me; My Words given to you are a lamp for lighting a way through the dark; shine in this darkness you who carry My Word;

My brightness never fades; it is right to say that God is Fire, or when you say this is the Fire of the Holy Spirit; for you can compare it to a physical fire, which enflames everything and goes through every opening; whatever it touches it sets aflame; the Fire of God is a Fire of Love and you, My Vassula, have not been spared from it; see, how it consumes you? why, which creature, if not consumed by Love, would write prayers in religious poetry to Us?

the Holy Spirit, after branding you with His fiery baptismal kiss, setting you aflame, penetrated your intelligence, crystallising your soul by His Divine Fire, as the rock is turned into a diamond, which is of pure carbon in crystallised form, from extreme heat; in this way too the Fire of the Holy Spirit purifies souls to become crystal clear and as pure as diamonds; this action of the Holy Spirit does not go without suffering, the one seized by those enamorous flames, suffers as he is kindled by fire, but by love too; as the Fire seized you, through and through, tossing you about, transforming you from rock to diamond, the Holy Spirit in His enamoured action prepares you to see God; have you not read: “happy the pure in heart, they shall see God”? once you see God, as Scripture says, your soul will cry out:

“my Joy! how right it is to love You!”

and immediately you will seize Us to possess Us …. and I will descend from the clouds to lift you and carry you on My Wings to soar the skies; and as a tour-guide, I will tell you the history of the things that are invisible to the eye and inaccessible to the touch; I will show you My Glorious Throne from where I rule but that you too, near Me, could rule with Us; ic;

1 Paraskevi is a Greek name which means: ‘Prepare the way to the Lord’; it means Friday.

2 Syros is one island of Greece belonging to the Cyclades. I had been invited there and our Lord had opened us a wide door on the TV channel which broadcasts its program on the other twelve islands. But the Metropolitan was given orders to diffuse a pamphlet against me. Still the program went ahead with me and people liked it so much that they had to show it several times. People bought the books too.

3 In records, I am inscribed that my family, from my father’s side, comes from Syros.

4 I had been pitying myself, for Jesus was not visiting me so often, and here was my Liturgy trying to console me with such a tender Voice, that He sounded like an unending Beatitude.

5 This sentence was pronounced like a command and with great authority. “Fortress” was meant for me.