March 8, 2000

Bodyguard of my soul
You have sprinkled my soul with myrrh,
and covered my head with sweetly scented perfumes,
by Your Presence;
and now, I am again with You,
Your closeness to You is wealth
for my soul,my mind and my heart;
Your closeness to Your royal Munificence
renders me strong and eager,
eager to reach an invincible holiness ….

I love you; even in such wretchedness I can obtain My joy and My Word can abide in you through My transcendence; I am not speaking only for you and for this generation, but I am putting all of this on record also for the next generation, so that a race to be born can praise Me, your God; look how I am now leaning down from the heights of My Sanctuary ….

ah, Vassula, Heaven has never leaned down so close to the earth as it is leaning now; some time ago I could hear from earth a sigh or two, but now, I hardly hear anything; this is why I am moved to pity you, generation;

what I hear from the corpse in a bragging tone is: “look! I can live in a desert like the pelican; I can live in a ruin like the screech owl; I can live without God for I can do better than God ….”

I then turn My Eyes the other way and look at My Own household and see haughty looks, proud hearts, mistrust, slander, cardinal against cardinal, bishop against bishop ….

Lord! are You telling me
that Your Hand is too short now to redeem?
Have You suddenly not the Strength to save?
You are known to be slow to anger,
but not slow to intervene and save!
So why do You wait?
Why are You not intervening? Now!

do you dare challenge My Wisdom? are you provoking My Omnipotence?

Ah, Lord,
to compose Your Household,
I can give my life for it and I have given it;
but my zeal for Your House devours me,
and when it comes to lift Your House
so that it does not fall,
I have given my soul and body,
regardless of the consequences;
I have sweated blood,
and at times spat out blood
from the scourge that crushed me,
and You know it;

I was handed down by Your Own
after they had hounded me like game;
but no complaint was heard from me;
For no reason they treated me as a renegade,
but I withstood all the trials I faced,
for Your mighty Hand withheld my frailty;

my days are swirling like dust to return to dust,
and I see no end to Your Holy Agony;
so for how long yet am I to keep saying:
“too long am I to live among people who hate peace?”

for how long am I to watch heaven mourning
for its household and its holy City?

am I to remain passive
while You are being recrucified unnecessarily?

You know me, my Lord,
You who turned me like a sycamore from Egypt,
that I would go, had I even to crawl,
in every country as You command,
and grain everywhere Your Word given to me,
even on the mountain tops, I would go,
and down to the ravines;

You know me, Lord,
my mouth would not want for arguments
with Your Wisdom, nor Your Omnipotence; never!

but the pillars of heaven tremble,
struck with awe from all that they see in Your House;

the angels tremble on the tremendous scourge
that is awaiting us in the coming days;
so how could I compose myself in chaos?

Vassula, I shall tell you something in a few moments, something you do not know, but let Me tell you already this:

I am going to do something1 in your own days that you would not believe if you were to be told of it …. then, this is what you should know: I have in this very Household I have been telling you about, kept a tiny remnant for Myself, chosen by grace, nothing to do with their good deeds; they are: a whispered echo of My Voice; am I not likely to hear these whispered cries?

(I looked sideways at Jesus and said:)

Have I set my face for a moment against You like flint?

I have given you birth, I have opened the eye of your intellect to understand Me, see Me and see all the invisible things; I have opened your ear with drops of myrrh to listen like a disciple and I provided you with speech; I have set your feet on the way I wanted you to go, accompanied by a prince from the highest order of Archangels; I offered you drink from My Cup, so, will My Hand deal with you harshly? you have offered Me your life as an atonement for the rebellion and the division of My Church; I have been touched by your zeal and your concern for My Household; I am pleased that I have not heard you say instead:

“leave that place, for Your Eyes are too pure to see what you see, leave them at their fate and touch nothing unclean over there ….”

I was simply lost in amazement over your courage, but I had brought fire out of you; I opened your mouth ….

beloved, I once said to you, that any delicacy from the part of My creatures to restore My tottering House, touches Me profoundly; I have not, My Vassula, appointed you only as My just herald but as My sentry as well over the House of the West;

when you hear a word of My Mouth given to you, you are, bound to your vows of fidelity with Me, obliged to pass on to those I am sending you, My word of warning; if you would refuse to pass on My word to them, I would hold you responsible; if, however, you pass on My word to them and they do not repent, they will die for their sin, but you yourself will go by unscathed and you shall not be held responsible nor will you die;

I have not only appointed you as an intercessor to the House of the East but to the House of the West, too; when you hear Me blazing with wrath for their rigidity which keeps them separated and therefore in sin, you are to intercede for them as you did; My Royal Authority will then deal gently with My Household; but as for the proud who would not repent, I will pluck them up by the roots and in their place I will plant the lowly; I am known to overthrow the proud; pride was not born of Me but of the devil….

so, be rich in poverty and water this arid land with My prophecies to you; he who waters will be watered by the King Himself; then the King Himself will pay you tribute and will address you in poetry and hymn; He will fill your mouth with honey and you shall speak for Him to the nations;

I will be gracious to you, giving you more of My friendship to you; be happy, daughter; your King has favoured you and dressed you in brocades, perfuming you in His Presence, while myrrh wafts from His robes; He has allowed you in His palace and given you access in His nuptial chamber; I tell you, daughter: in My Household I will advance My step with you; I and you together, with all sorts of princes of the highest ranks from heaven in our train and we will enter in My Sanctuary, while My Presence will come upon them like dawn; so do not fumble with the sickle but hold it firmly and with a good grip too and reap, Vassiliki, reap! reap where My angels’ fingers point for you to reap and you will reap the reward of virtue;

give to your King as much as He has given you ….

I am only a puff of wind,
how am I to give You as much as You have given me?
You have given me Life!

I will never, ever, ever, never ever,
be able to give You as much as an inkling
of what You have, in Your gracious condescension,
given me!

I know …. but give Me as much as your means can afford; empty yourself of all that comes from Me and is good and offer it to Me;

(I understood then that our Lord was not only asking me to offer my services to Him alone but to be available as well, reaching others and coming out of my way, to be at the service of mankind and help them as much as I can. To serve the ‘neighbour’, practise virtue and keep nothing for myself.)

yes, give! give to those who wait from you and bear witness on My Good Works and I will be with you; and as My Father said to you sometime ago, I tell you the same thing: “ravines may fold upon you and black clouds cover you, and clods of earth may cover you, but I assure you, I will be with you and you will go by unscathed;” remember: there is no frontier between you and Me; I am always with you, My loved one; ic;

1 From that date when the message was being received, March 8, 2000, in less than two weeks, while on a pilgrimage and gathering of the TLIG family in the Holy Land, we were given permission by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem to celebrate two Orthodox Liturgies with pre-sanctified gifts, in the Holy Sepulchre Church and on Mount Tabor, and invite everyone to receive the Holy Communion; we were 450 people with 12 Church denominations and there were no restrictions or interdiction to receive Holy Communion. – I think, maybe it was the first time in history, after the great Schism that the Greek Orthodox, invited EVERYONE to receive the Holy Blood and Body of Christ. Yes, indeed, Jesus, I would not have believed if I were to be told of before this happened! Glory be to God!