June 1, 1987

Vassula, both My Hands have wounds, both My Feet have wounds, My side is open, wide open showing My Heart; they are recrucifying Me;


they are damaging My Church;

Lord, is it so very bad?

it is, evil has blinded them; love is missing among them; they are not sincere, they have distorted My Word, they have lamed even My Body; My cup of Justice is full do not let it brim over! I want them to stop smothering My Body; I, Jesus, am Love; I want them to stop throwing venomous arrows at each other; harmony among them will restore part of the damage; truthfulness will unmask evil, why all these ceremonies when in truth they have nothing to offer Me? I need purity, love, fidelity, humbleness, holiness;

seek in Me all that I desire and I will give it to you; seek My interests and not yours; glorify Me, honour Me; words are not enough, deeds of Love and cooperation will revive My Body; brothers! love one another, O beloved how much will I have to restore!

come daughter, rest in Me; peace upon you;