May 31, 1987


Vassula, come and receive Me, 1 I will be there, delight Me, come and see Me! say you are Mine, let Me hear it!

I’m Yours, Jesus, and I love You.

for years, Vassula, I was waiting for these words! love Me now that you are Mine;

Teach me to love You as You wish.

trust Me, I will;

(Later on:)

(It still amazes me how my hand moves …)

Do You know that Jesus?

I do, but am I not Omnipotent? Vassula, be peaceful, be calm, be serene, like Me;

(I was interrupted while writing twice by my son, coming in, slamming the door, etc. I felt upset! Too much noise.)

love Me, answer Me!

I love You, I love You, Lord!

never replace Me; have Me first, face Me first and remain facing Me for ever; be like a mirror, a reflexion of Myself, never seek others but Me, never seek your old habits of your earlier life; I am Holy and Lord, I and you are one now and I mean to keep you just for Myself and for eternity; humble yourself, learn from Me, desire Me only; breathe for Me; do not turn left or right now, keep going straight, beloved, allow Me to use you, hold on to Me, enrapture Me with your simplicity in words, simplicity infatuates Me, say to Me your words, let Me hear them again, tell Me, “I love you Jesus, you are my joy, my breathe, my rest, my sight, my smile,”

daughter, were you given time to think and meditate you would please Me furthermore; you will from now on seek Me in silence, love Me in absolute silence, pray in silence, enter My Spiritual World in silence;2 reward Me now, I love you; honour Me by giving yourself to Me, do not displease Me, be Mine beloved, speak!

How in silence, Lord?

in silence looking at Me, I want you to stay still, without having interferences of any sort, seek Me in silence;

Without interferences at all?

none at all; desire stillness;

Jesus, how could I possibly find this stillness in a family, it is almost impossible!

I will give it to you; I pity you, Vassula! My remnant, My myrrh, My love, what will I not do for you! My Heart fills with compassion for your misery, and your falls; I the Lord will help you – never feel abandoned or unloved;

do you know how I felt that time you felt so unloved?


in My Church; 3

No, Lord.

I felt crucified all over again, bruised, scourged, spat upon, nailed again; Vassula, how I love you! help Me revive My Church; help Me by letting Me use you; courage, daughter, courage;

Jesus, I didn’t know that all this would hurt You, I mean my feeling of being unloved!

no, you did not know either that I never refuse anybody who comes to Me; I am Love and Love is for everyone, no matter how evil you can be;

1 Call to Holy Communion.
2 The unceasing prayer.
3 After I had been told that sometimes Jesus does refuse people and He can shut the door to them. (In an argument I had with a priest, giving me to read a passage from the Bible about the Canaanite women whom He refused. But in the end, He did not refuse her, He had only challenged her to show her faith – but that, I did not know, and the one who showed me this passage did not let me read till the end.) I had gone to Church taking Holy Communion, so I felt according to our agreement that I had taken something not permitted, breaking all the laws of the Catholic Church; and that I took something without permission, thus being very evil. The following Sunday I went to Church, I stood near the door, so that I’m half out (since I felt unwanted) and since I believed I was evil and that God was very angry with me, I did not go forward with the others for Communion, fearing I would make things worse if I did.