June 2, 1987

meet Me later on and I will give you preliminary advices; Vassula, design,

unite those lines,

to unite you must all bend; you must be all willing to bend by softening;

(I understood. He gave me a clear and simple vision of three iron rods; they were upright, close to each other. He said, “How could their heads1 meet, unless they all bend?” – Later on in the morning I went out. The more I was thinking of this vision the bigger the ‘mountain’ appeared. I was stifling …)


I am; courage, up pupil! lift! lift My Cross beloved, up now! grieve not; together … together …

My Vassula, together we will strive, lean on Me when you are weary and let Me lean on you when I am weary,

meet Me, let Me accomplish My desires, be like soft wax and let My Hand engrave on you My words; be willing, do not fear! I love you beloved, O come! Love will not hurt you;

(I’m fearing this work.) 2

come, let us pray,

“O Father,
be with me until the end,
I am weak;
give me Your Strength to glorify You,

beloved, come, leave your fears and hear Me; wait upon your God; I want to unite My Church;

Vassula, I have trained you to receive Me, beloved, courage!

I need Your courage, I have none.

I will encourage you and will reinforce your love to Me, all for My Glory;

Vassula, will you write down My words, sip from Me; do not seek comfort, be poor, be like Me when I was in flesh on earth; be plain so that we both feel the contrast and the grandeurs of those that scourge Me, let Me feel the contrast! be drawing from My Heart, embellish My Church, draw from My Heart and you will understand, My little girl;

(I think there I mean that I start to realise what work this is. That’s why I’m fearing: Jesus is starting to dig in the Church …)

1 Heads: later on, I understood that heads means also authority; leaders.

2 Editor’s Note: see Vassula’s words at the end of this message.