December 29, 1996

My Lord?

I Am; before you I stand; fear not My child; 1 have you not heard that obedience to God comes before obedience to men? What have you done, My child!2

(When I heard this last sentence, I felt God’s surprise but I felt at the same time that He was ‘shocked’ and His reproach was as this of a mother who surprises her child in doing something wrong. There was no harshness at all, there was also disappointment and sadness. – While He was uttering these few words, He made me understand that He uttered them before; and before He completed the sentence, He gave me a light of perception of where and to whom He had given these words. After the message was completed, I opened Gn. 4:10 and read word for word when He had surprised Cain walking alone in the open country after he had killed his brother Abel. – Just by that, I realised how grave my sin was …)

you belong to Me and although you are a nothing, My Love will always sustain you; although you are wretched, My Mercy will always bring you to your inheritance; yes, it will bring you into My Sacred Heart; you are worth nothing in front of My glory and before My Saints, 3 yet when you are in My bosom, you are hidden in Me, you are in the One who justifies sinners, 4 then your soul, puny little creature, is considered as justified because of Me;

this was one of your falls, but however grave your sin5 was, grace now will be even greater since you have realised6 what you have done, and you have come to Me to ask My forgiveness; now you are alive again, not by your own power but by My Power;

come to Me always before you take any decision and consult Me; I will always give you good counsel and I will always respond to your needs; observe My commandment to you and do not grieve Me; remind everyone what the beauty of My Spirit brings to mankind; it7 brings them peace, love, gentleness, kindness, patience, truthfulness, generosity, self-control and mercy which will lead them into eternal life;

never tire, My child, of working for Me, and although your crosses are many, do not complain; – if you are by far My most tormented messenger of your times, it is because you come from Me, and the Word that is given to you is true; My Word gives evidence that this generation’s ways are evil and binding to the underworld, but I will remain with you, and My Holy Spirit will be your Guardian and your Lamp, your Joy and your Strength; He will keep you cheerful since you are hidden in Us who are thrice Holy;

come to Me in complete confidence and remember: your trials are My Glory …. ic;

“Yahweh is tender and compassionate
slow to anger, most loving;
his indignation does not last for ever,
his resentment exists a short time only;
he never treats us, never punishes us,
as our guilt and our sins deserve.” 8

1 His Presence was not only glorious and majestic but had also all the splendour of His Divinity, which made me stagger.
2 Although in the previous message God made it clear to me that I was not to travel on my own on that very long trip, I was influenced by Father O’Carroll saying that I could travel by myself and by a friend who said that tickets would be cheaper if I met (…) in Indonesia, instead of (…) travelling from Switzerland with me. Because of this I had consented ….
3 I was glad to hear these words so that everybody reads them especially those who never cease putting me on a high pedestal saying, “Vassula, Vassula,” instead of “God, God, praise be to God!”
4 Forgives us.
5 The sin of disobedience.
6 While writing this, He asked me to add “not on your own, but by My Grace …”
7 The beauty of the Spirit.