December 24, 1996

(I had a long journey to go but Father O’Carroll decided to stop travelling with me. I was wondering if I was supposed to go alone …)


I Am;

you are not to go on your own; 1 I will be sending you for this journey a brother; he will be your companion in those meetings; I know how anxious he is to help in these difficult times, this is why I am sending him to you;

do not allow your heart to be troubled by those who persecute you, nor by those2 who follow illusory errands; they are supplying their own needs, not Mine …. they are carried along by every wind that comes their way; these are the ones that deepen My Wounds; and so, My beloved, I am sending this brother to you precisely for this journey;

may what you do for My Sacred Heart bring many back to Us to share Our Eternal Glory;

I, Jesus, bless you; ic;

1 This came like a command.
2 He made me understand whom He was talking about.