January 7, 1997


I Am;

I have given you this grace to call Me and be in My company; so now I give you My Peace; these moments delight Me; be prudent and lean on Me;

– tell Me, little one, are you happy to be with Me as you are now?

How can I not be?
Yahweh is on my side
and He is good to me.
You are on my side, so I fear nothing.

The Holy Spirit is on my side
like a brilliant sun
and is my guide and safety.

I extol You, my God,
I give thanks to You,
for all the good You do to me.

happy are you who received this gift from the Father, it set you free and all your household; it set many people free …. allow Me now to rest in you, and you, come, My beloved, and rest in Me; let nothing harm you, let nothing take away your peace and your joy; if I say ‘your’, it is because I have offered you My Peace as a gift and My Joy too; keep them, treasure them and safeguard them;

come, I and you will continue restoring My House; be prudent; I will guard you; we, us? I am never away from you; God-is-with-you, and I bless you;