December 20, 1996

(Back home after many conferences or prayer meetings done in the USA.)

I give you My Peace, My child;

persevere in justice and virtue; look at My triumphs, count the score! 1 the earth is rusting but My passage wears away the rust; this is why I have put zeal in you for My House, so that I and you work together to devour the rust that is like a layer of crust on My people’s hearts; I intend, with My passage, to take away that crust and leave their hearts shining with My glory, and while My Word is being unfolded to them, My Light will bring them light;

ah, Vassula, I have directed your steps into My Path, as I had promised you, so do not be afraid, I am with you and no evil can win any power over you; if I had chosen to send you in this vast nation, 2 so intensively to remind My people of their real foundation and that the Glory descends only from above, it is because the Time is near, the Time of acute suffering is at your very doors now …. those evil forces’ noose is not only tightening around the Vicar of My Church, but on My entire Church! no, you3 have not spent yourselves in vain for I have revealed My Glory in many hearts and I have reminded My people of the power that I wield by giving them many graces; therefore, My child, I am victorious;

My work, through you, is done and I fill it with My splendour and My majesty; this I do to remind My people of My Power, My Mercy, My Tenderness and My Love; there will be more riches and wealth revealed to you in these coming days, from My Sacred Heart ….

and you, My daughter, let royal dignity be yours in the hours of persecution, so that you may glorify Me; all that you bear for My sake, touches Me; bear for Me, My loved one, and console Me in this way …. devote yourself entirely, body and soul, to the service of My Church and to the service of your brothers and sisters; offer these sacrifices for their benefit; endure those brief pains and trials for My sake, by remembering that under the very skies you are living, in the hours of the night, I, Jesus Christ, suffer excessive torments to watch the criminal slaughter of innocent babies, human sacrifices perpetrated with blasphemy against My Name, 4 and for the downfall of the present papacy;

I tell you, whatever you spend as sacrifice, My Arm will uphold you, so that you continue to spread My Messages far and wide; while the hands of the blasphemers are stretched out so infamously against My Holy Sacrifice, My House and My Word, I, for My part, am pouring My blessings on him who perseveres in holiness and does not succumb in disgrace;

I will entice many hearts to become like sacred vessels carrying My Word; yes? 5

Lord, You are showing me how Your Power works,
and You make no secrets of Your Plans,
but to someone as weak as myself, born of sin,
how am I to understand the boasts of my persecutors?

The hour of darkness is here;
how and where am I to “hang in there?”

this is My own lament too; I lament on the hardening of their heart …. a veil of shadow hangs on their eyelids, daughter, their hearts harbour no peace and their trophy is called: lack-of-love …. but your King is in your favour;

nevertheless, there are other powers behind, those whom6 I mentioned; these powers do not come from Me; you see, Vassula, I am, through these Messages, parading their assassin plans on My Church, I am parading their deceitful designs to the world; this is why many of them want to wall in My Words given to you in these Messages;

But I am a poor wretch and no champion of defence. I am discriminated against and treated unjustly.

may you be blessed all the days of your life for this alone!

although both sorts of persecutors7 are looting your honour and your honesty you have become My Canticle; if they8 do not recognise the mighty works I am doing through your nothingness, pray for them that I lift the veil from their eyes ….

I will complete your journey with you and I will continue to be your rod, your lamp and your drink; do not be afraid when you are attacked, you will have great strength if you fear Me and honour Me and if you will do what is pleasing to Me;

I, Myself, will prepare what you need for this journey and We, the Two Hearts, 9 will march together with you, infuriating on our journey the mobs of evil powers as we walk by them, becoming a menace to them while we advance; we will storm their city of evils and these evil forces will have to face Me, your God, in all My Divinity; 10 today they are raging like wild beasts because they know that Our Triumph11 is soon to come; put your trust in Me and be like a loud book;

I have more to say, but for today this is enough for you; I love you, dear soul, and I bless you; ic;

1 23 prayer meetings where I spoke in 28 days, all over the States, with many people including priests attending.
2 The U.S.A.
3 Fr. O’Carroll and I.
4 I understood ‘Church’ too.
5 He knew I wanted to say something.
6 Jesus is making a distinct difference between a regular persecutor whose heart has hardened and the ‘other powers’ which originate from Darkness; in other words: ‘evil forces.’
7 The regular ones with hearts of stone and the powers of darkness.
8 The ones with a hardened heart.
9 The Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
10 Because that is exactly what these evil forces are aiming at: Christ’s Divinity. They want to deny the Divinity of Christ and His Glorious Resurrection.
11 Triumph of the Two Hearts.