August 2, 1996

I love You, Lord;
I will thank Your Name once again,
since You are my God, my Friend and my All;
I thank You for all Your mysteries,
I thank You for the wonder of Your Works,
I thank You for Your Salvation Plan;

Let us all celebrate our King’s actions!

come, My Vassula, I give you My Peace …. yes, for I have called you to a life of peace; I have created man to reflect My Glory since I have made him in My likeness; I have created man to utter words of wisdom and knowledge; I have created him to obtain the gifts of My Holy Spirit; have you not read: “every gift is for your benefit, so that as grace spreads, so, to My glory, thanksgiving may also overflow among more and more people;” 1

O creation whom I love to folly! although you are near to death, I am here, to renew you day by day! so then, be rooted in Me now, and overflow with thanksgiving; aspire for the things that are from heaven, where I am and where you belong; let your foundations be rooted in love, faith and hope; keep My Law and the sound teachings I have been giving you; you are living among wolves, My lambs, but My Holy Spirit is with you, to look after you; do not be afraid, I am with you too; stand firm, and do not be afraid; the Father’s Eyes are upon you …. and We, in Our Trinitarian Holiness, will shepherd you till the end …. be one!