July 17, 1996

(A prayer to the Holy Spirit.)

O Light!
O Inaccessible Light thrice Holy,

Come! descend now
and come not only on those who invoke You
because they have heard of You,
but come also on those who have never known You!

Come! O Lamp of our body!
Come and correct all those who have never understood You;

Come to all those who fear You,
Come and unveil Your hidden treasures,
these treasures kept for our times,

Come! come and reveal
the Father and the Son’s Holy Countenances;
Come and reveal Yourself, Holy Spirit!
Come my Friend,
for You are the dazzling Light of our heart,
Come from on high
and clothe us with Your power and splendour;

Come and lodge inside us
and make out of Your Dwelling,
a place of prayer,
for You are the Constant Prayer;

See how naked we are now without You?
Come and shine Your Light in this darkness;
You are The Promise, You are our Love,
You are our Light,
Yes! You are The Promise!

You are the One of whom Scriptures say:
“It will never be night again
and they will not need lamplight or sunlight,
because the Lord God will be shining on them.” 1

You are our Pledge of our inheritance,
Holy be Your Name and Blessed;
You are the priceless and inestimable pearl;
You are the radiance of our soul,
You are The Banquet and our festivity,
You are the Irresistible Companion of our life,
You are the Throne of the poor in spirit,
You are the Kingdom of kingdoms, the Empire of the empires,

O Visitor of our soul,
Come and free us!

My child, 2 prayer is your weapon, and I, I can take you out of the power of darkness to place you into what you once thought of Me: the Inaccessible Light and the Unattainable Treasure; in My Glorious Power, My child, you can obtain your strength, your gentleness and your patience; you can obtain perseverance and in Me and through Me, you can call out: “Amen!” and I, The Amen, the Faithful One, the True Witness, the Ultimate Source of God’s creation, will hear you! like a clap of thunder, I shall descend upon you to give you freedom and bring you in union with Our Oneness, filling you with the absolute fullness of Our Trinitarian Holiness;

a baptism of Fire is coming upon you, creation! a baptism so longed for, to make all things new again; daughter, proclaim the Kingdom of God and let no one hinder you …. 3 ask for the Fountain of Living Water, to come upon you like a Spring to refresh you!

Hope of hopes,
can I really ask You to unchain
those that are still chained?

ask! have you not heard that freedom is to be found in Me? 4 I tell you, I will come upon those who never sought Me, yet their hearts remained as those of children; I will reveal My glorious power to those who never even consulted Me, I will go where I am not banned;

– the time of sorting out has come; the time to reveal the glorious riches of the Kingdom has come; the time of grace is upon you; this is why I tell you again: you, who make part of Christ’s Body, come, and aspire for My gifts so that you may fully penetrate into the Mystery of Christ; and do not be like the apostates who stopped looking for what is right;

– and you who say to the ones who invoke Me: 5 “this prayer is not in my domain”, I ask you: “is it possible that you did not hear Me? could it be that you did not see Me? is it possible that you did not understand Me? am I now to say that you are resisting Me? you claim to have knowledge of Me but the things you say and do are nothing but a denial of My graces;”

6 peace be with you; survivor of this great Apostasy, glorify Our Name thrice Holy and intimately give Us praise;

(The Holy Spirit then opened my mouth and filled it with praises for God.)

I give thanks and praise
to the awe-inspiring Lord,
so stupendously great;

Look! the One who flashes His Rays
dazzling my eyes,
is none other but my Father!

O Brilliant Adornment of the Heavens!
The greatness of Your Name liberated me,
and by raising my ear just a little,
I received Your Word from Your Mouth;

and now: I sing for joy to God, my Father!

I shout in triumph to the Anointed One,
Jesus Christ, my Saviour!

My Promised One, 7
O Delight of the delights!
I love You for making me Your friend;

and now, I call out with all my heart:
“Amen! my zeal is burning me up
to announce and proclaim Your Faithful Love!

“I shall do Your Will
and I shall bring as many as possible
in union with Your Oneness,
so that they too will be filled
with the absolute fullness of Your Trinitarian Holiness.”

may your ways remain steady in doing Our Will; in your days, I am the stone which the builders reject, yet, I am the cornerstone of the Church; liberty and love is to be found in Me and yet, I am rejected by your generation, for they have not understood Me …. they hardly consult Me …. look, I am like a rich soil; if you sow your seeds in Me, your harvest will be: Eternal Life; and Paradise will be your home;

come to Me without delay and I will make you rich, through your poverty; strong, through your weakness; zealous and faithful, through your wretchedness; a living Altar for Our Trinitarian Holiness, through your nothingness; come to Me in fear and trembling and I will make you a fearless warrior of your times, to join Saint Michael and his army8 and fight in the great battle of your times;

– I am an unceasing prayer in you and where you lack, I fill, always accessible to the poor and the simple; come and seize Me …. come and possess Me and I will mould you into My Holiness9 offering you My Inestimable gifts, making you part of Us10 and one in Us to go and rebuild the ruins of Our Sanctuary;

– you who have come from the desert, come and step into My deep waters and My waves will wash over you and refresh you; do not fear Me, have you not heard, My friend, that I will change the dry land into a sea? for from the heavens I will pour out on you My gifts and My favours; just like the heavens pelt down rain at the Presence of Our Trinitarian Holiness, so will I pour out My Presence on all mankind;

– meditate upon this; we, us?

Yes, forever.

2 The Holy Spirit speaks.

3 I think this was said like: “No one will be able to stop the Kingdom being proclaimed.”

4 The Holy Spirit.

5 Invoking the Holy Spirit while laying hands on people.

6 The Holy Spirit of God then addressed me once more.

7 Allusion to Ep. 1:13.

8 I heard at the same time: “angels”.

9 I heard also at the same time: “Deity”.

10 Holy Trinity.