August 4, 1996

Come, let us open a way for the Rider of the Clouds,
let our prayers be His staircase;
Descend now, my Lord, and be with us. Maranatha!

I give you My Peace; hear Me: My Holy Spirit, thrice Holy, Giver of Life and Throne to the poor in spirit, cries out today:

“come! come all you who desire Me and are thirsty for righteousness! you cannot be My child unless you are suckled on My riches! ah! so many of you are bound by the chains of lust and of darkness! yet, My Holy Spirit can fill you where you lack, so that My Word, in all its glory and sovereignty can abide in you ….

“anyone who has done wrong, come! come and humble yourself and repent, so that My Eyes may delight in you; anyone who is not living holy, come! come to Me and repent! I will give you a new heart; anyone who still is attached to the world cry out to Me and ask Me to unbind your chains! why do you keep yourselves bound on these disordered worldly inclinations that attack your soul? your adornment should be an interior purity, your adornment should be truthfulness, so that My Holy Spirit will not shy away from you ….

“woe to you who have lost the strength to endure; 1 have you not heard: ‘those who fear the Lord do their best to please Him’; 2 if you did not know this, come, humble yourself and follow Me and let your love grow in Me so that your heart may never turn away again;”

ah …. Vassula, My child, say to Me:

“Jesus Christ,
You are my Life,
You are my Rock,
You are my Salvation,
You are my Archer.”

and I will reply to you:

My child,
you are Mine,
you are My seed,
you are My joy,
you are My target,
on which I am thrusting
blessing upon blessing
for the sole purpose: to save you ….

come, remember, I am always with you! I, Jesus Christ, bless you all!