May 1996


My Lord?

I Am;

lean on Me; in My Sacred Heart find My Peace which I give to you; remember, I am with you; daughter, do not leave one stone unturned so that the Father and I will not say one day: “you have not tried your best”; favour above all, all those whose heart is as far from Me as the earth is from the sky; take My mighty Hand and do not fear; all those who want to hear will hear; come, ic; –

pray, pray, pray; it is not difficult to pray; Vassula, say: “Christ is risen!”

I should say it as the custom wants …. 1

yes! say it now….

(I said it.)

and so I have; delight Me and praise Me! flower, My own daughter of My Church, your Christ is indeed risen; come, I bless you and all those whom I have chosen to accompany you; they shall have their reward in the end; My Father and I bless those hearts and tell them: spread Our Messages, they save ….

1 For 40 days after Easter, the Orthodox has it in their tradition to greet other with: “Christ is risen”, the response is: “Truly He has risen”. Jesus wanted me to follow this tradition.