October 2, 1995

(Feast of our guardian angels)

Let heaven praise Yahweh:
praise Him, heavenly heights,
praise Him, all His angels,
praise Him, all His armies! 1

Let them all praise the Name of Yahweh,
at whose command they were created. 2

I, Jesus give you My Peace; come and pray with Me; say:

Sovereign from the beginning,
hear My prayer;
my soul, my heart are thirsting for you;
my gaze longs to see you,
and I look to no one else,
for there is no god to compare You with,
nothing is greater than you,
since you alone are stupendously great;
for this, gather the nations
to give thanks and praise to Your Holy Name
around one single Tabernacle,
let them offer Your Sacrifice together
to Our Father in heaven,
in one voice and in the same Spirit;
Guardian of our soul,
wonderfully strong, unconquerable,
may the whole of Your creation
serve You in the Most Holy Trinity;
grant us this blessing;

come now, in the power of My Spirit, I am sending you Daniel, your guardian angel; ic;

(My angel speaks:)

I, Dan, bless you; Sign of Unity, 3 remain faithful to the Lord; grow in Him and in no one else; alone Yahweh is good; pray to be fortified so that in the Lord you may draw strength to revive His House and accomplish your mission;

I will always guard you, forever I shall guide you; your Daniel;

Daniel your guardian angel guarding you;


3 At the same time I heard ‘Sign’, I also heard simultaneously the word: ‘Symbol’.