September 27, 1995

My gaze is in the visions of the Night,
as swiftly as You, the Holy One, came to me,
so was Your swiftness to throw Your veil over my eyes
for this is what pleased You, Beloved of the Father,
so that I may depend on You entirely
and be like a toy in Your Mighty Hand.
And since then, I have become an exile for Your Sake.

It pleases You to trace out my path
so that You and I walk together,
I, clutching the hem of Your garment for fear of losing You,
and You, like a King amid His armies,
You lead me where You choose.

And on our way,
jealous men rise to their feet
to interrupt our delightful journey;
they lay their hands on me to rip me apart,
but You, in a lordly style, lift my soul
and carry it up to ride the wind with You,
then You and I celebrate Your Strength;
and in Your smiles, in Your childish joy and delight,
we become accomplices and collaborators of our friendship.

You thwart the plans of our persecutors,
while Your Mouth sings to me songs of deliverance.
You open the door of Your Heart
so that I step in and hide within Its depths.

My soul rejoices in the Lord.
He has the power to mould every heart by His faithful Love.
When my soul is downcast,
You do not wait, but You show Your Love
in Your eagerness to hearten me by embracing me.

Your glance, Delight of the Father,
has every capacity to transform any soul
to become from a tragic song into an inspired hymn.

Yes, Lord, in every way
You can make Your people into a canticle,
changing their rhythm,
to preserve the tone of Your Voice,
because You never disdain anyone,
but stand by us always and everywhere.

My Delight, worship Me! you are in touch with Me, with My Spirit and with My Father; bring this work of Mercy We are giving you across the world together with your counsellor;

I do not want to fall into spiritual decay, and drag my mission. I am in the Night.

never mind what is beyond your means1 and your strength for I will fill up what lacks; give Us as much as you can, did you not notice? 2 though you are a nothing I was seen on you; 3 in your distress I have been successful; in your great trials I overflowed My Treasures in many hearts; would I do these things4 to you if I did not love you? and I intend to continue keeping My veil on your eyes so that you will have no opportunity of grieving Me by becoming elated; these are the ways I treat My predilected souls into obedience and effacement; I am King and I govern over them so that they reach the perfect goodness for the glory of Our Trinitarian Holiness and, as I once said to My disciples, I say to you too: 5 “now that you know this, happiness will be yours if you behave accordingly;” 6

your Jesus who loves you; ic;

1 Means of understanding.
2 During my meetings in Holland and all Scandinavia.
3 Jesus appeared in my place. His Face though was reported to have appeared beaten up.
4 Jesus means the trials He permits to come my way.
5 Jn. 13:17.
6 In obedience and effacement like His predilected souls: a total submission.