April 28, 1995

Vassula, let Me sing to you, My friend, the canticle I have in My Heart! write:

O My people, My friends, My kin, your Lord will come and rest in your heart; you will be renewed in My Presence for I am determined to surround you all with songs of deliverance; I am determined to assemble all the peoples of the earth and instruct them; My New Song is written so as to honour My Name;

have you not heard that My intentions are: Salvation for mankind? My Plan holds good for ever and the intentions of My Heart from age to age;

listen House of the East! do not stay deaf to My cries! you waited for My Sovereignty, beloved House of the East to descend from the highest heaven to rescue you and now I tell you: morning by morning you will grow on your throne, for, see, from your land will sprout a Shoot of hope, a Shoot of righteousness and of perfect peace and the inhabitants of this House will spread peace everywhere …. daughter of My Eastern House, declare this with cries of joy, go and proclaim My Words, say,

“the Lord is coming from His holy dwelling,
to console His people and consolidate His Church;”

today My Eyes are on a man of good omen and the crown will be given to him; it is he who sprouts from the Eastern Bank who will glorify Me …. and My angels will descend with the royal insignia in their hands and dress him for the throne as a ruler;

ah Vassula! dance and shout with joy for this day is ever so near; I am already taking action here and now to bring this day of festival1 upon you so that all the past misfortunes will be replaced by joy;

House of Tradition have you not heard? have you not yet understood that from your House I will be thrice glorified? have you not heard that I bestowed heaven’s blessings on your Shoot? just as once you were a curse among many nations, so I mean to raise you to become a healing balm for My House in the West and a blessing for the nations; House of the East! a victorious Shoot is sprouting to raise My House into one;

My lips quiver with emotion and My Heart sings for the anointed one …. and the abyss roars with rage at the sound of his footsteps, because My House will be one; the Western House and the Eastern House will live as one because My Name will be their bond, clothing them in perfect peace, integrity and love; My New Name will be the royal insignia between these two Houses …. this will happen soon and in your time, so do not say, “the Lord takes His time again“;

I have said to you that I decided, out of My Love I have for you, to hurry up with My Plan; I intend to trample together with My Army, on My Enemy2 and on the two Beasts3 quicker than foreseen!

come and learn: the leaders of destruction are in fact three demon spirits4 forming a triangle, taking a corner each, who lead the entire world into their foul world; drunk with the blood of the saints and all those who witness on My Divinity; don’t you see? to complete their work of destruction and crown it with success they will have to remove Peter’s Chair and the one who sits on it; their aim is to destroy My Church …. but, do not be afraid, I had promised that “the gates of the underworld can never hold out against It”; 5

yes, this is what is happening now; the leaders of destruction, glittering in their scholarship’s degrees, are foul and their stench has covered the entire world now; they are those of whom Scriptures say: they are able to work miracles, 6 seducing with their ability the ten towers of the world and from them all the nations of the earth; all are falling under their spell …. once their army is complete they will raise their insignia7 and together with the three foul spirits’ forces they will come together to make war against My Perpetual Sacrifice, this is what Scriptures call:

“the war of the Great Day of God Almighty …” 8

in fact this hour of great iniquity and great distress has already come upon you, but I will defeat them, for I am the Lord of lords and the King of kings; and heaven, together with all the saints, apostles and prophets, will celebrate their downfall; 9

I shall appear on a white horse, as a warrior of justice10 and give judgement for all of My saints, apostles and prophets, 11 against the dragon, 12 the Beast, the false prophet alias the second Beast and the three foul spirits, 13 and with My sword I shall strike each one of them14 and the towers they have built will come tumbling down – that is, all the followers of the two Beasts under the name of Scholars! like cut thorns they have now penetrated into My Body, but I will extirpate each one of them and burn them in the fire, 15 and My Breath shall devour the rest of them like fire ….

since nothing can be hidden from My Eyes, I tell you that over each nation the Beast and his like have set a governor, one of their own, who established their authority even over every blade of grass; – I am with you to teach you how to understand; write: already the second Beast, servant to the first, shows his immense power by dragging constantly stars16 from the sky and dropping them to the earth like figs; listen and understand: his17 power will reach “right up to the armies of heaven and will fling armies and stars to the ground, and trample them underfoot; he will even challenge the power of that army’s Prince; and will abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice and overthrow the foundation of His sanctuary;” 18

these are the ones who once were and are no more; these are the ones that ceased to be, the armies of heaven and the stars were once My Own but decided to part from Me and become associates with the beast; “they are all of one mind in putting their strength and their powers at the beast’s disposal”; 19 they are selling Me every day and are profaning Me in My Perpetual Sacrifice, in the Blessed Sacrament of My Divine Love; see? see what great disorder is coming?

so now let your voice go out through all the earth and My Message to the ends of the world; have My Peace to work with peace; praise Me for giving a new life to your soul ….

Glory be to God;
I thank You,
with all my heart, I thank You.
I have been revived
and You have given me a heart of flesh,
my flesh has bloomed once more;

By choosing me,
You raised me to enjoy Your favour,
allowing me to live in Your House
all the days of my life.

Blessed be God
who allows me to enjoy every hour
His sweetness, His tenderness and His graces.
The Word of God is Life.
Teach my tongue to proclaim Your goodness
and praise Your Holy Name, for ever and ever.

come, I bless you; I will keep nourishing you and I will look after you;

1 Jesus means Unity.

2 Satan.

7 I also heard at the same time the word ‘banner’.

12 Satan.

13 Demon spirits. (Rv. 16:13.)

16 Virtuous souls.

17 The power of the beast.