April 12, 1995

My Lord?

I Am; Peace be with you; will you write with Us1 today?

Only if You want me Lord.

We want …. if you remain with Us, little one, you will make good progress, so will you, you who belong to the Most Holy Trinity, serve Us? by serving Us you will be obeying Us and glorifying Us;

I will serve You most gladly.

make Us known the way We have come to you, then allow Us to sing Our New Song2 through your mouth; those who are still not contaminated by the powers of the world will be drawn to Us in Our Imperishable Light; today We are sending you like a fiery flame to revive this flickering flame in each heart that is almost extinct;

– Our Presence through this Call is: forgiveness; Our Presence among you is: kindness and tenderness, but soon My Voice will be heard as a clap of thunder among you;

– My Voice will be this of Justice; I will come to purify the earth; My purification will be like a small Judgement and it will be with righteousness;

(Message from Jesus to the U.S.A.:)

say to them this: even though I personally led many safely back to faith through My Call, the earth continues to pine away with rebellion, withering away, because of its drought; if My Eyes in these days never cease to shed tears of blood it is because so many of you whose eyes have seen My Glory, My Mercy and My powerful intervention in these past years are still tempted today to look back on what I vowed to destroy!

where are you, you who counted the minutes to be with Me? where is your eagerness you once had to defend My Name and hold it holy? you who were far away from My Heart and who came to Me saying: “I am sickly” and whom I healed, you have again turned your ear back to apathy;

in My distress I call, but so many of you spurn all My warnings! “deliver My Messages to all the cities so that they change their lives,” I say; but no sooner do I call than My Voice is drowned by this yawning darkness that inhabits My cities …. am I worth so little in your eyes? I who breathed in you a living spirit, am I not worth more for you? so many of you read and read My Messages but without living them because you read, My children, without understanding; 3

at one moment your heart aflame cries out to Me praises and at the next the flame within you dies down;

– as tenderly as a father who treats his children I have treated you and have revealed to your heart this Inexhaustible Treasure that had been hidden for generations and was kept for your Times, these Times when Knowledge and Faith would be despised because of the coldness of the world; My Treasure was reserved for the end of times you are now living in, when people would be preferring their own pleasure to God, rendering themselves to every evil than to good;

I am pouring out on you My Inexhaustible Treasure from My Sacred Heart like cascades of streams, over mountains and into valleys to make you strong in your love and ready for My Kingdom; I have been like a spring gushing in ravines, running down between the mountains, attracting the thirsty; I have for the past years offered you all that heaven has to offer, so tell Me, what could I have done more to save you that I have not done?

My children, I have given you My Law in the beginning to keep you alive; My Law to this day is not kept because you do not live in the love of God; so long as you have no love for your Father in Heaven you cannot love your neighbour and you cannot say you are obeying the Commandments; so long as what you were taught in the beginning is not alive in you, you are still not rooted in Me; how can you say: “I live in Jesus and in my Father;” have you not heard that on the two greatest Commandments hang the whole Law? I ask you solemnly, “what gain is it for a person to have won the whole world and to have lost the gift of love?” to have lost the gift of love is to have lost the knowledge of God, for if anyone is without love for the Father, he is breaking all the Commandments;

I tell you, if your love goes no deeper than what it is now and does not grow, you will never be able to get into My Kingdom; learn to glorify the Father and love Him so that the Father and I make Our home with you; learn to long and desire the Father so that your life becomes an unceasing prayer; if you say you are from God, then love one another just as much as I love you so that you live a True Life in God;

have your minds not perceived My Glory all these years I have been teaching you? I will soon return to you, so do not venture to say: “I have still time to progress”; come now and repent! the fruit of repentance is: Love; so come now and learn to be gracious in your love for your heavenly Father; learn to love not only your neighbour but also those whom you consider as your enemies; if you are merciful to them so will your Father in heaven show you mercy; in My Household I have only love;

I have called you by your name to give you Hope; I have opened My Sacred Heart and offered you all My Wealth and Treasures I had hidden over centuries; I have descended from My Throne to be among you with My Heart in My Hand, to offer you all this Treasure that is within it; then, when I opened My Mouth and have spoken, you were lost in amazement over My perfect beauty; to stir your love and to rouse you, I breathed on you My delicate fragrance of perfume; in the youth of your conversion you opened your heart freely to Me and asked Me to conduct you with My Shepherd’s staff, and so I did; of the flock I pastured very few remained in the fold; your resistance to wickedness did not hold; your feet progressively wandered away from My Heart and you hastened your steps towards spite and deceit ….

fastidious you have become, and brambles and thorns choked the little love which was growing and which was My delight and My honour; how can you say your eyes observe My Commandments when unsparingly you put your neighbour to the proof? My Father and I have journeyed all the way from Heaven to remind each one of you to open your hearts to receive Us before My visible passage on this earth; pray that this Hour will not find you unaware with a heart of stone; pray so that this Hour will not find your spirit void;

come to your King with an open heart and you too will share His Royal Table which is: love;

1 Jesus is speaking in the Presence of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
2 The Messages.
3 Many important prophecies in these messages were accomplished but no one noticed.