April 3, 1995

My Heart is your Abode, never forget this! My child, I who am the Supreme High Priest tell you: love My priests and pray for them; now listen and write this:

I will instruct your generation so that when they read My Book1 they will understand it; Altar, allow Me to place on you My Knowledge, this Inexhaustible Treasure of My Sacred Heart so that men out of every people, race, language and nation may come forward and serve themselves; and when they do, I will revive them and brighten their eyes; for My Word restores;

if anyone loves My Word let him come forth, if anyone loves Me he will keep My Word, and My Father will love him, and We shall come to him and make Our home with him; need My Holy Spirit as much as you need air to breathe; ask My Holy Spirit who is the Giver of Life to come to you and do fresh wonders in your soul …. ask My Holy Spirit to reveal to you the hidden sense of My parables and My proverbs and the prophecies of your time;

a city2 cannot be built without foundations3 for there would be no settling of My Holy Spirit within it; come and learn: the New Heavens and the New Earth will be when I will set My Throne in you for I will give water from the well of Life free to anybody who is thirsty; 4

allow My Holy Spirit then to draw you into My Kingdom and into Eternal Life; let evil win no more power over you to die; if it was necessary I would lay down My life again at any moment and without hesitation, to save you; allow My Holy Spirit to cultivate your soil and make a terrestrial Eden in you, let My Holy Spirit make a New Earth to prosper in you your soil so that your first earth, that was the devil’s property, wears away; then once again My Glory will shine in you and all the divine seeds sown in you by My Holy Spirit will sprout and grow in My divine Light; allow My Holy Spirit to come to you as a roaring fire and purify you by burning all the dry plants5 remaining in you and replace them with celestial seedlings and delightful vineyards; 6 then from that day onward I Myself shall be their keeper ….

let your old earth that is nothing else but devastation and ruin now call out to Me and I shall take pity on your disgrace …. your few remaining trees now are dry and broken ready for firewood only, so allow My Holy Spirit to turn your soul into another Paradise, a New Earth where We7 would make Our Home in you; for see, winter is past, and the flowers appear on your soil; see? the vineyard is forming its first flowers giving out their fragrance; this is Our Paradise, Our Heaven;

We will come into Our Garden to gather all its fruits; We will come into Our Garden and rest among your virtues which will be like fountains, wells of living water, lush valleys of all the incense-bearing trees, pastures and vineyards, mountains of myrrh; for humility pleases Us and love delights Us; peace honours Us, and joy enchants Us, why, all the fruits are the virtues that are agreeable in Our Eyes;

allow then My Holy Spirit to discipline you and show you that sound teaching is Life; make room for My Holy Spirit to take root in the middle of your soul and plant Himself there, there where a thousand briars and thorns used to be; My Holy Spirit will be the Tree of Life in you, and My Kingdom which you will obtain by My graciousness will lead you to obtain incorruptibility and the deity to have eternal life;

compare yourself, Vassula, now, with your old self; see? see how My Holy Spirit turned your old earth into a New Earth? and how only His seeds can yield good fruits in abundance? and that without His Presence your soul would have remained uncultivated, dry and a land of drought?

What about the New Heavens, Lord?

the New Heavens? they too will be inside you, when My Holy Spirit will govern you in holiness; My Holy Spirit, consort of My Throne will shine in your darkness like a splendid sun in the sky, because the Word will be given to you to express thoughts and speech as I would wish you to think and speak; everything expressed will be in accordance with My Image and thought; everything you will do will be to Our likeness because the Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you; and your New Universe will march with My Holy Spirit to conquer the rest of the stars8 for My Glory and those who had not observed My Law and were fully drawn away like a passing shadow into darkness, never knowing the hope and holiness I was reserving for your times;

the New Heavens, Altar, will be when My Holy Spirit will be poured out to you all from above, from the highest heaven; yes, I will send My Spirit in you to make a heaven out of your soul, so that in this New Heaven I may be glorified thrice; and as the paths, of those who received My Holy Spirit, will be straightened so will their darkness and gloom too be enlightened and restored into blazing stars, illuminating their darkness for ever and ever; soon, this earth and heaven will disappear because the radiant glory of My Throne will shine in you all;

I, Jesus, tell you: I, the High Priest, from the highest heaven call you to come and join Me by approaching My Throne of Grace; it is within your reach; come to Me and you will inherit My Kingdom in Heaven;

1 The Holy Bible.
2 Symbolic word for ‘ourself’.
3 Meaning abandonment to God so that God becomes our foundation.
5 Dry plants means: bad habits, sins.
6 These heavenly plants are: virtues.
7 The Most Holy Trinity.
8 Symbolic for ‘people’.