March 3, 1995

My Lord?

I Am; peace be with you, My child;

hear Me: in your nothingness I can work marvels, so adapt yourself to My regulations and never forget how I work; keep Me in your heart and you will obtain My Peace; never forget what I have told you yesterday! have Me as first and give Me some of your time to continue writing My Messages; please Me and engrave My Name on your heart; I am your Spouse and My Name should be honoured;

let everyone around you who work too for My Love Hymn behave towards you as if you were not anymore among them; 1 the fruit of your labour should multiply in their hands;2 I, Jesus, am with you; place Me, My Vassula, before and above all in the world so that your exile will not appear to you as hard as now; hurry up, My child, and understand how precious and how dear you are to Me; I am your Friend and I observe you with love and compassion; I shall never fail you; treat Me tenderly by answering My Calls with zeal and wholeheartedly; I love you, Vassula, and I, I will never abandon you; I shall fortify you, City-of-Mine, with My Spirit;

come now and make the sign of My Cross on you …. 3 good; come now,

1 That means: to start taking initiatives.
2 I understood: the writings of True Life in God, and the meetings I held testifying.
3 I signed myself with a cross.